Sunday, 27 April 2014


 Tuesday 22 mostly spent in and out of GP and hospital clinics, Wednesday I caught up on e-mails and slept in the day due to a bad night, Thursday was similar , Friday I had to be back at the dr and had blood tests but found time for some crochet but it was a drencher of a wet day and Saturday is spent most of it upright and walking about sorting my room. May be that's why I slept badly again and woke in worse rib/chest pain than ever , with a stiff back, sore knees and an aching ankle today. These flowers cheer me up!

 A little sample of crochet for a new project and hopefully a pattern which I hope to share in some way in the near future, keep it hush hush for now...Not worked today but recently.
 A lovely surprise came Saturday: a parcel left at the post office but no card so we were unaware and it was this Sari Silk! A quick sample Saturday while sitting in the sun in garden with a 12 mm hook.
 It's hard going on the hands but grows real fast! Seed stitch was used to make it easier.
 Real thick strips of silk fabric knotted together in short random lengths...
 And a combo pressie arrived as well! Book with hooks, all Tunisian?!

  One ball does not go very far.
 Fun wrapping papers...
 And 6 days after the fall, these are the colours still developing: don;t know what the bruises by the toes at the top are all about, most odd really. The lateral is the ''broken'' side...
This is the OK side but still there is bruising.

 These are the toes that cause the neuromas and the pains when walking or dancing...
 And THESE are the tablets I took this mornong as the chest pain was worse than ever:
Codeine, 6 tiny prednisolone to ward off any lung inflammation due to the shallow breathing( painful ribs) and 2 Nurofen.
I must surely rattle! Then worst case scenario: I sat in a nice armchair, foot raised on a stool with all my College reading for the urgent essay and I FELL ASLEEP!
Grrrrrr just like a little ol' lady! Lost 3 hours of study and woke up stiff and sore yet again, still I do feel better for a deep sleep like that.
So let's look on the bright side: those lovely flowers!
CURSE the codeine and those ribs though, who'd have thought they are more painful on day 7 than on day 1?

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