Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bits and pieces, a nice walk

 Funny what light will do to colours. Above and below are the same potential scarf, using some stash yarn with the new thick Riva yarn from Debbie Bliss. Just playing really. JJ is not yet sure if he likes it or not and thus whether he'll ever wear it.
 This one is more true to the colours
 And a lovely walk at Cuttlebrook on Friday was sunny and cold, the river was very high and the dogs got exceedingly muddy.

  I so love the bare trees against a skyline: it's black lace.
Believe me you can't see it on this but the water is very very high.
 A tiny bit of Christmas is creeping in.. Miss E doesn't approve of this wee wreath.
 The girls have been staging teenage wars regularly lately so I hung this up to remind them- will it work?
 Our kitchen calendar reminds me that Lucy should be having a litter some time soon -ish...
 This is December: so CUTE!
 Happily this no longer applies so much as I did so much re-shaping in 2012. I gained 10 lbs in 2011 during the stressful OU course and then in 2012 I took 31 lbs off so am wonderfully healthy at 8st 10- 8st 12.
 Love this picture and am thinking I haven't done any machine embroidery for years now?
None in 2011 or 2012? Did I do any in 2010 or 2009? When did I stop? Crochet was started in 2005 and gradually has been taking over.
 Books to read from Library, Hobbit will have to wait?
 More books, CROCHET this time!!! So much to do so little time?
 Yummy stir fry on Friday. Dancing on Saturday so I cooked for family: Tikka massala turkey with rice and green beans, but had freezer fast meal myself.( lighter to digest)
 Decorated trees from our new advent calendar.
 AND in the Alpine Village: snowmen too!

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