Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frosty Magic and!

Now yesterday was a very unique day: the 12th of the 12th of 2012. And at 12 noon I was starting a crochet class at work, a free supportive and hopefully stress-busting service to my colleagues who would like to learn . So Crochet magic was happening at 12 noon on 12th December 2012.
Rachel was being assisted in her granny squares and we discovered a typing error in the Cath Kidston kit granny square pattern. And Gracia was initiated into the half treble and working on either side of a chain to make baby bootees.
The lunch-hour session flew by and we didn't want to put it down and stop, a bit addictive maybe. But only in a good way that anything pleasurable is a little addictive.
The rest of my day was less pleasurable except for the glowing reports at Parents' evening for History and Biology for Miss E. Transition and it's issues and problems is beginning to affect my motivation and I need to get out and about  as being in the office every week is getting me down.
Then the girls had a blazing row and all I could think of is: GIVE me my crochet and let me regain some peace and pleasure in the day. So that's what I did, after buying the dogs some food and walking them. And letting them lick walls and doors where thrown yoghurt ( teen wars) had made a mess.
So by MIDNIGHT: the other 12-12-12-12 I was very HAPPY again: I had caught up with Last Tango in Halifax ( LOVE IT!) and was watching THE HOUR on i-player.
THIS is what I'm making: JJ's Christmas present: a jumper to keep him warm in the unit ( and elsewhere I hope).
 This is the pattern, and below is the close-up
 And it's from THIS magazine:
 The yarn specified is not available in the UK but I had bought 10 balls of a navy tweedy SMC SELECT RIANA yarn which I thought was very similar. Only the pattern quoted a need for 13 balls at least so I ordered 3 more from a supplier I found online. As they are navy but a different dye lot and slightly paler I decided I could ''stripe'' the yoke above the cable and possibly the entire sleeve excluding the cable to let the two shades work better in the design.
 It was a dream to do: I love top down sweaters but hadn't done one in a ''solid style'' stitch pattern before, Doris Chan's are always open fans and similar.I did 3 trial gauges and decided to use a 5mm hook, the 5.5 is too open and loose for me. I have more stitches to 10cm but the same number of rows.
You can see the subtle striping best on the sleeve on the right.  The paler navy is the trebles and the darker one the half treble rows.

I finished the yoke at 1:20 am on Tuesday 11th - yes a bit addictive I think we've covered that. Then on the evning of 11st and 12th I worked the cable band: I have never done this type of cable before and did have to frog part of the second row as I wasn't turning on each row. It was very exciting watching the cable woven design develop.
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And I'm ever so pleased with it! JJ has tried it on and it fits perfectly.

 Finished the cable band at 1:20 am Thursday 13th. Lucy wants to be involved in the photography of it.
 The frost was the other part of the magic: minus 6 Celcius on Wednesday morning and by noon this is what the work car park looked like still:

 The next unusual date configuration will be at 1.1.1 in 89 years time? Or even better:
20:12 on 20th December 2012 : 20.12,20/12, 2012!!!
That will be next Thursday when hopefully I'll be dancing at Lucy Clark as it starts at 8 pm. I hope to mark the moment somehow?
The Frost at home is like THIS today:

 Excuse the multiples: I am loving this -rare- frost and the stripey-ness of the branches!

 Lovely patterns: I think some are frost covered cobweb strands?

And there was a lovely surprise in the garden for me. the old bay tree which died: trunk on left, has sprouted a lovely healthy new bush by it's side! Which appears to be weathering the frost OK.

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