Saturday, 15 December 2012

A day to dawdle- walk and snowflakes

 A sunny dry day but the river showed how much RAIN we had yesterday: it was flowing very high.

 Of course a partly flooded field meant Pippa walked straight into the water and drank as well as went ''fishing''.

Today our Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent calendar allowed us to make snowflakes and I do find that such fun as it's very quick, uber easy and the results quite fabulous.

 I think THIS is my favourite- above-, the negative spaces stand out and it's easier to spot when falling from the sky in the Alpine village. I like the central star in the one below which happened just by chance.
Most of the day the girls either shopped, did homework or watched the new SKY tv that we have had installed to allow our family in India to watch kid's tv, don;t ask me how but apparently that's what you can do.
Lots of crochet got done as i've been racing to get it finished on time. There's only about 20 rows left to do on the front and at 10 minutes a row that's less than 4 hours. Then it's the cables on sleeves, finish the length of sleeve and then add the ribbing to hem, neck and cuffs. Started several new balls today: it's over 300g now.

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