Thursday, 6 December 2012

Noro Boxy Jacket Pictorial

 This is my visual record of the Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn cardigan as I altered the pattern a bit and it fits so very well. I bought 4 skeins and had a little left over. I used a 3.5 mm hook.
It weighs: 351 g including the pewter button. I worked 1 row half trebles, 1 row trebles and 1 row half trebles before the row of treble V stitches. ( the pattern did 3 rows trebles I think but I don't like trebles very much, too many holes.)
The body has 46 V stitches across front and back.

 It is worked in the top down style method BUT working from the bottom HEM: SO working UPWARDS.

I mean you work a rectangle for fronts and back combined, then two tubes for sleeves and then you join the tubes to the sides of the body part and work the yoke upwards to the neck.

You can even see here: exactly 23 V stitches across the back.
I love the colours and the stripes and the lace row in the solids BUT am not relly keen on the mismatched fronts. The back view is so much nicer.
As I didn't really follow the pattern for the sleeves- I made them longer- or the yoke- I winged it I need these photos and to use close up tricks to work out what I did with the stitches.
I was too busy crocheting along to write anything down, oops.
My tension was different too: mine was  16 sts to 10 cm and 9.5 rows to 10cm
It makes quite a loose but nice fabric which drapes nicely and is comfortable although slightly itchy and quite warm but not for the cold we are having now; i.e.. not for sub zero freezing type temperatures.
Held up to the light it looks very ''holey'' and not solid at all but it does look more solid when worn.
I put a dc border all around and then 3 rows of the dc , ch 3, repeat border stitch pattern.
The V stitch takes up 3 sts: it's skip 2 sts then work TR, CH, TR into the same stitch, then repeat.
My underarm allowance went across 10 sts. This means you join the sleeve to the body across 10 sts at the side seams.( not that there are side seams as such but I hope you know what I mean.)

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