Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day and Diagonal Box Stitch =Tumbling Blocks

 OK so we first catch up with the pudding on Christmas Day: fired up with rum and eaten with home -made vanilla ice cream from the ''SCOOP'' book made with M&S extra thick Devon double cream.
 Yumeeeeeee , there was 45% left over for a wee while but by bed -time -someone???- had eaten the lot.

 Boxing Day JJ kindly drove through heavy rain to mum's, but at 1 pm she was still in her dressing gown at said she did not feel well and did not want to come out for lunch so we went as the table was booked and we were hungry!
 Miss Y has an amazing burger, JJ Chicken Jalfrezi and moi a duet of mini meat pies.

 When we returned after lunch mum was dressed but grumpy so we stayed a little while and then went home.
Her hair cut was really nice and Miss Y did a lovely job of chatting away to her while JJ slept.
 I finished the new scarf for JJ in the car: VOILA!
 The middle bit is a ball of Sirdar Escape I had a few years ago and of which the colour was discontinued. See far below for how it was solo, worked up last year. I found similar colours- or so I thought - at Glynswood so bought two balls: same colour and dye lot: shade 187 and thought I could add one ball at each end to make a scarf. I had to undo the part I had as tumbling blocks works in diagonals and the section I had started with a straight edge. Then I re-stared with one of the new balls. Far left: 187 ball 1.
 The big surprise came at the end when the second ball of 187 had no similar stripes to the first ball at all!
Very unusual but it seems to have worked, the stripes are ALL different and change subtly but harmoniously.
JJ likes it and that's the best bit.

 Here at the far right is 187 ball 2.

I call is tumbling blocks and I had found a tutorial by Darlisa   Riggs online but today I also found the following links, tutorials and videos much better than my attempt yesterday to show how it works.
It's all in USA crochet terms so beware a dc is really a UK treble!
Here they are: useful links and pictures for you:

 This was my playtime sample in Spring 2012 of an old colour shown with the two new balls bought on 22 December. Both are shade 187 .Wool rich DK.

 3 BALLS of this using a 4.5 mm hook and 10 blocks across: make a scarf 20 cm by 140 cm. 
Cost about £10.50 plus a few evenings crochet time, but it's really fun because the colours keep changing and you never know what will come next.

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