Friday, 30 November 2012

Crochet : too many projects?

 There are too many crochet projects clamouring around in my mind for their bit of my time...
First: I have been unable to find our snowflake decorations in the attic so do I have to make dozens all over again? Also am teaching a Christmas themed crochet class at work next week and this is one of the projects for that. From or see the side bar for the link. She provides a superb photographed step by step tutorial for these.
 This is before blocking and I have added a hanging loop for the ribbon. In DK cotton with a 4mm hook.
 Then there are the little Christmas stockings from Ravelry- a free pattern- and this was my first attempt. But beware, because they are addictive!

 Somehow, because I am an intuitive rather than a counting type crocheter they all turn out different sizes from the SAME pattern, oopsie. If I am to make a new advent calendar I will have to count carefully for each of the 25 socks! Impossible?
 And the third Christmas dec project is the holly leaves, also from Attic 24 and intended for a wreath with red holly berries.
 Then there is the current garment project: the circle jacket from Vogue Crochet. Using DK pure wool from my stash ( was from Yeoman yarns ) and Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace with 3.5 mm hook.
This is the second sleeve- half back. I have completed the first sleeve and half back. I have adapted the pattern slightly to 4 and 2 row repeats alternating so I can carry the yarn up the side rather than sew in all those ends!!! But this created a directionality in the fabric so I had to do the sleeves and back in 2 halves to be joined at centre back to keep the sleeves looking the same.
 And then I rashly bought some 10 balls of SMC RIANA in navy in the sale ( only £20 for 10) BUT now I cannot waste it and JJ is very cold now working in his UNIT rather than from home so I have promised a wool jumper. This is the wool I will use and the above is a play to see if he likes the stitch.
Now I'm having doubts as it could be a bit boring to do. Men's jumpers are so Huge?!
And I won't have enough so have to find a complimentary navy yarn....There was SMC in beige but when I brought it home, same yarn but in beige, he said no to stripes. Crochet Today ( USA magazine see it at in their latest issue have a great cabled man's jumper pattern so maybe I'll try to adapt that to this yarn?!!! But it isn't in the UK shops yet.
 AAAAAH cut corchet?! YES! It worked a treat! This is what I did last weekend: my mohair cardigan which was made in 2005 had ''dropped''  after washing and sleeves which were too long anyway, I had to roll them up a bit, became far tooooo long. Dangling way over and below the hand. I was rolling the sleeve 3-4 times to a very bulky cuff that kept unrolling.
 So I did cut'n sew with a stretchy zig zag to stop unravelling and crocheted a new cuff-band.
 Luckily - being a hoarder- I still had the yarn I made the button band and previous cuffs with.
Voila and now I'm happily wearing it again in this COLD BRRRRRR weather.

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