Monday, 19 November 2012

Family meetings and leatherwork

Catch up time and this time it's in reverse, which reflects my mind as I've has so little sleep lately my brain seems to think this is ok.
Above a three bean lasagne that is a current fave with the girls.
Then a lovely visit with the in-laws: sister and mother and my little niece and Miss E and Y played so lovely with her, aaaaah.
There's 9 years between my niece and Miss E and it made me think as there is also 9 years between me and my eldest sister.

 And JJ with his big sis, not literally but in age of course.

 And lunch out in Westfield...

 Everybody POINT like this!
 Then a reflective moment - in many senses- as they flew back to India and we'll miss them again.
On Sunday while trying to tidy my workroom/studio/study I finished stitching a leather bag project from Simple Way.
 I adapted it slightly as I wanted to have contrasting red stitching.
 I was much chuffed when Miss - style conscious, picky and highly critical- E said: ''cool bag, mum.''(!!!)

Lasr week and weekend there was MUCH baking both for my mum: a red velvet chocolate cake with vanilla icing and decorated with stem ginger and a carrot and ginger cake decorated with similar icing  and studded with ginger - again.
 Mum is looking very frail and elderly these days, reflecting her 85 years.
 Miss Y was brilliant and amusing mum in hospital.
 It was a gloriously sunny day and we missed all of it driving to and fro and not even walking the dogs!

 Though I did get some crochet done: THE CURRENT CIRCULAR JACKET PROJECT, all thick and thin in stripes. This is a sleeve and half the back panel top half.
 Also on he Sunday , after having been to an Abingdon Welcome dance on the Saturday, I went along to a ''formal'' at Merton College , Oxford with fellow OUSDS students.

 View towards the top table.
Yes it was a lovely evening.

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