Monday, 5 November 2012

RESIN pssst its a secret

 Here's the before- above- and AFTER- below pics of a very long overdue haircut. And I went to a totally new hairdresser today too: scary!

I did quite a bit of studying today as well as errands in Aylesbury and then I had some playtime: a new hobby, a new technique:
 I have been playing with resin from the resin8 website and I have a terrific DVD in which Clare Johns explains it all. I received the starter pack recently and I was going to book on a day course in Oxford but haven't done so as yet. Thought I'd better see how I get on first. After a slight hitch when I was sooo careful- for which read slow- so that the scales switched themselves off before I could weigh the hardener  and I had to guess at the proportions..... it went quite well?
 I was initially after a navy pendant to wear instead of my beloved lapis disc as it's getting chipped and worn out. So I did a navy postcard print and glued it into the oval. Then I did a sequin medley which was all turquoise and royal blue and then followed a blue,clear and purpley red resin composition which I let blend and run and tweaked with cocktail sticks. The latter is above.
The bracelet links were a gift and I did them in red/ purple resin with lots of pink beads.
 And as I have very small wrist which only needs 5 links I made the last 2 links into potential earrings in a blue sequin medley .
It was really GOOD FUN! The trickiest part is the quantities and the weighing and mixing.
I want to do some domed final clear layers on the above and then play with more postcards, pictures , photos and lettering to make unique gifts or pendants. Can I reduce a dachshund photo of Lucy or Pippa enough to fit  2.5 CM PENDANT???? Can I do stitched machine embroidery pictures in resin?!
Can I add motivating words like in the PIA catalogue: LOVE, LAUGH, LIVE!

Or somesuch?.......
And then I'd like to do some CASTING of resin! and make the moulds out of latex?!
Cubes, discs,stars ( for X-mas) and balls?! And have a go at cloisonnee or cold enamelling too?
There are X-mas tree moulds on the site, oh dearie me can I resist them?

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