Saturday, 10 November 2012

Oxford ST and a bit more resin

Last Wednesday November 7th Oxford Street, London had their Christmas lights switched ON!
We too are  now getting into the festive spirit, I have been buying and ordering a few presents, sone of which are like this:

Three little books with ice cream ,sorbet and frozen yoghurt recipes. So instead of baking- or as well as knowing us- we will have ice cold treats this Christmas. A recipe a day or every few days in the holidays I think.
There is a superb theory in the Ben and Jerry's book that proposes that it's a really REALLY good idea to eat ice cream in COLD weather so that supports my Ice Cream Christmas plan.
JJ treated the family to one of these in September you see so it's super quick and easy now we don;t have to pre-freeze in the freezer...!!!
We have already tried some recipes from the SCOOP book as they were printed in the Telegraph in 2007!
And the Ben and Jerry book reads fabulously and had 126 reviews!
So can't wait to get started, which will be very soon only not this weekend as it's a really busy one.

And finally here are the pendants I've made with resin and how they look being worn as well. The latest one is a Ton Schulten of houses and a yellow sailing boat and I made it last night. Love it! Still need to add the top doming layer though.  If only I could make matching little square dangles for earrings? 
I could reduce the picture on the photocopier or only use a segment of it. And next time I'll cut it qith a blade and get the size a better fit. I was so keen to just do it late last night - about 1 am- that I cut it with kitchen scissors...
Bye for now I'm off to dance at the Abingdon welcome dance in Cumnor tonight.

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