Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ordinary days

A simple ordinary diary day and very enjoyable it was too. Sunny skies and clear blue without a cloud I walked the dogs at Cuttlebrook at about 9.15 this morning. First I had tried to return a kettle: Russel and Hobbs and only less than 7 months old! Leaking already.
Tempted to say they don;t make things like they used to... Got told off about limescale. Can I help it that Thame water is sooooo HARD?
Wrong receipt was in the box so we have to go back with bank statements... Oh ugh. Been boiling water in a small pan all day. Still I enjoyed the walk and buying fruit and vegetables on the market before 9 am.
At home I was supposed to clear my workroom, there's too much clutter and piles of ''to do'' stuff: mending and sewing mainly. BUT I was still shocked due to hearing from a third party that one of the 3 original steering group members is leaving. ( another has already left) Mmmmm. Not sure what to think. So , soooooo I sat and crocheted to have a quiet contemplative time and this went from 10 to about 3 pm.

Undid the tacking and sewed in both sleeves to Rona jacket. Also sewed in lots of ends and fantasised about the world- wholly unrealistic- that the Gilmore Girls live in. Then crocheted in granny square pattern- ie groups of 3 trebles- on the end of the sleeves before the cuffs proper because they were just below the elbow: it too short. This is after taking OUT 3 completed granny squares at each sleeve end because the sleeves would have been far too long.
Did some cleaning and some e-mailing and then picked Miss Y up , shopped a bit for essential gluten free food items and came home to find I had 10 minutes of potato peeling to do before picking Miss E up from her piano lesson. Traffic was awful due to the traffic lights by the football stadium. Long queues both ways. So dinner was going to be late.
But worth it! Lovely roast ham with a slight ginger glaze , buttery mashed potato and lovely succulent green beans. Yum. The stock and broad beans I roasted the ham in has now been made into soup for us to take in thermos flasks for lunch tomorrow. ( I added some tomatoes)
We are learning fast, Miss Y started her gluten free regime on Monday 11 October.
Tiny mistake on Sunday: didn't realise Communion Bread has gluten in it, oops.
Went dancing with Miss Y yesterday evening and we had a splendid time, even if there were a few more complex figures to master...( Pousettes)
11 plus prep is going well, she had a borderline pass on Sunday but a 94% ie magnificent pass on Monday so we had today off. First real one is on the 25th.
We'll celebrate after the 27th and even more so in November when the results come out!
Dinner party time again. Like these Lillies which were a gift from a recent dinnerparty which was hugely enjoyable.

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