Thursday, 21 October 2010

Madame Tussauds : fun day out in the summer

We had the first frost yesterday and very pretty it was too, even heavier and thicker this morning. -2 instead of a mere -1 .Had a few ''not so good'' days. VERY tired and full of a new haedcold as well as that chest cold that I caught at mum's on the 29 September but which still rattles around my chest today. Miss Y was told scary stories at school and had a few nightmares and a set of terror hysterics yesterday evening and this morning so we've been up in the night a lot.
Also Lucy the dog who used to sleep in Miss Y's room came a scratching at our door at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am ,5am on Monday and I 've not yet recovered from that either. Tonight I could have happily gone to sleep at 8pm! JJ is away in Scotland /Ireland on a trip and I still had to clean the kitchen and chivvy the girls to make their lunches and get to bed.

Had a meeting today. Very hohum. My line manager has left without telling me she was going and I accidentally lost my entire inbox: 623 e-mails over the past 6 months- yesterday. Ooops.
Could not think today. Just too foggy up there and oh soooo tired. Nice dry day though whereas Monday we had a sudden hailstorm!
Needed cheering up so I found a fab sweater dress in TKMAXX : all soft and warm and quite flattering really , oh yes that and a cabled cotton number for hiking in. Very his'nhers as JJ has a posh one : navy cotton cabled from one of those trendy men's places like Hollister.
In central Oxford today and I hadn't been in ages and ages so it was a thrill just to sit and watch people go by ( after my meeting of course) .
Later on I stocked up on essentials at Primark: T-shirts at £2, £3 or £3.50 were too good to pass up, 100% cotton or 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Long sleeves, various necklines and lovely long, loooooong length so you don't have that nasty/chilly gap between jeans and T when you raise your arms or do anything active. Beats paying £8 or £15 per T ( or from some catalogues Miss E likes £18-£25 and above!)

And here is Miss E looking cooool in MY sunglasses! Oh we did have such fun at Mme T and it wasn't what I had expected at all. Should have worn photogenic garb though.... Then again Miss E managed to chop me in bits on quite a lot of the intended ''good pose'' shots...
here's just a few of the best.
My muse, my idol, my INSPIRATION.
Now: which one's the monster again? Depends whether it's about or after 9pm on a schoolnight as every single night at about 9pm the girls fight.....
It's now after 11 pm and it's finally gone all nice and quiet; PEACE prevails.
Yesterday was 20.10.2010 : now that's a good date eh? And the GIRL Guides had a 100 year celebratory ceremony at 20:10 ( time) on 20.10.2010.
Miss Y said her guide promise.
Of such stuff our lives are made. Oh and Lucy has hurt her eye somehow and I burned part of the dinner because it was after 19:30 and I had snuck upstairs for a tiny wee bit of crochet on Rona.......The end is in sight: just finishing the edgings on hem and front-bands now....

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