Sunday, 31 October 2010

End of October: sloe collecting day

Remember my sad harvest of sloes from the other week? Hey ho: did much better today! 1270 g of super ripe big juicy sloes. Gathered on a dog walk today where we did also get soaked, but that's by the by. The dogs- who love to eat the ripe sloes- found them at the side of the footpath again but this time I had the sense to look up and I saw there were many more in these old gnarled tree/bushes and many were in a private garden...( NOTE to SELF : grow sloe trees in own garden as soon as possible!) . BUT also this time I noticed that there were 2 right adise the garden fence and their fruit was falling onto the pubilc footpath. A little skae of the tree trunk and VOILA it was RAINING ripe sloes! They hit our heads, shoulders and arms : rat tat tat, plop plop plop. Thus it was great fun a-gathering these sloes. Miss Y was with me and it was a race for both of us to gather our harvest before the dogs got to them.

Found a recipe online and will be buying the gin, sugar and preserving jars tomorrow, maybe we have enough to make 3 l of sloe gin for New Years and beyond.
Yesterday we did have our day out in Bath: above the Roman Baths but the queues were too long to visit, kids etc.

Loved,loved looo-oooved these ancient Singer black'n gold sewing machines in this shop window.
Made me remember the dear treadle I bought at auction in the 1980's but had to lose/leave behind in the divorce: shame.

We saw an exhibition of Britain from the Air photographic exhibition , these are salmon farms in the Hebrides. The girls had fun walking on a giant map of Britain.
Found Miss Y a cafe JUICE MOOSE CAFE with gluten free brownies and fresh juiced juices: Yummmeeeeee.
Finally visited the Royal Crescent ( in the rain) despite many visits to Bath BC( before children) we had never done this before. Bought 2 wee Tree decs from Rossiters: it actually SMELLED of Christmas in that shop already.
Wee Miss Mousy and a whicker woven heart. They look better than my bleached out photos.
Miss E and I visited the Fashion Museum and had a fun time trying on hats and corsets and crinolines but those pics are still on my/her blackberry. To follow soon.
After time spent in Jack Wills, Octopus, Top shop, Apple store, Orange store, River Island etc for the girls and the Wool shop on Old Orchard street for me, we sped home to walk and feed the dogs, we had a lovely day out. (Alas I was only allowed a few minutes in the woolshop and they did not have the colours of felted tweed that I needed)
This morning at home JJ tossed some old bread on the table: ''for the birds'': SEE what happened:
This was accompanied by much intense whining and whimpering.
I can see it but how do you get to it? Oh look I'm much closer now but still cannot reach....
Can you see Lucy?

And now? So close and yet so far

Ach my beautiful collar, 'twas too pink too stripey and is now still being unpicked. I made a wee decorative circles snood in the car on the way to/from Bath- piccies soon.
Our lovely blue edge kettle died ( ie leaked) within 7 months of purchase and this is the replacement: you can SEE the bubbles dancing and there's blue lights too. Steam, see?
Half eaten now: this is the Earl Grey tea cake - gluten free- from the cookbook in the last post.
I'm the only one eating it. As we bought some WEINACHT'S Stollen from both W'rose and Asda Miss E and JJ are wolfing that instead. Miss Y also doesn't rate it alas.
And this was the chocolate and banana gluten free cake made with rice flour that Miss Y wanted.
We're going to ''ice'' it with chocolate spread tonight to see if it will be eaten?
I can't waste food but don't want to have to eat it myself.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a Novel Nourishing November to you all.
Ps the Sloe Gin should be ready to drink by end of December: perfect for our toast to 2011?!!!

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