Sunday, 24 October 2010

Christmas pudding time again

It's that time of year again: time to make the Christmas pudding: such a lovely rythm to the year; I'm pretty sure I made it at a similar time last year? This year though I'm making 3/4 of the mixture for 3 of us and 1/4 Gluten free for Miss Y: ie a 900ml pudding AND a 300ml pudding.
Here's the fruit a -soaking: now I know it doesn't look like much but OOOH THE SMELL!!! DIVINE. Just as if Christmas is already here. The kids have already made a few lists and also decided what they're giving us apparently. The 6 Bells in town has a decorated X-mas tree in the entrance. Bit early I think. Then again X-mas cards and toys etc went on sale in September in some supermarkets. Try to catch the sales while people think they still have jobs? Comprehensive Spending Review will likely make millions redundant.

This year it was this stout that JJ kindly bought while I was walking the dogs at Moreton. Not sure it'd be gluten free but what the H. Only for soaking the fruit?
Talking of fruit, did you know Dachshunds like sloes? I managed to pick only these measley few,but Pips andLucy managed to eat lots of large squashy ripe ones they found on the path.
Oh I hope I can go back with a ladder as I do so love Sloe gin and Christmas. Mum used to make it every year and give me a bottle but now I'll have to make it and take her some. JJ has the recipe on his i-phone. ( glad to find it CAN be useful, but mostly it's a nuisance)
Frost and blue skies again today and such glorious berries on the trees; we'll have another hard winter?! Remember last year, all the berries, JJ's prediction and then ALL THAT SNOW in January?
My aubretia is still flourishing in happy harmonious blues even if all my astors have died in the frost.
Red Kites were screeching and circling the house, causing much barking from the dogs.


And Pippa, wonderful eyebrows aren't they?
Did you see the article in Country Life recently? Why dachshunds are TOP dogs! Bought it in Petersfield in September as that COULD be Pips and Lucy on the cover- before /after grooming respectively.
This was the other shot of them. At a school. The article said what characters they were: well:
Lucy looking oh so sorry for herself. I have only these 2 blankets on such a cold hard floor....
That's because minutes earlier SHE had pulled her basket to the other side of the kitchen and pulled the cushion- well chewed of course- and the blanket OUT of the basket. She does like re-arranging things.

Favourite place: SOFA! Favourite activity: CHEWING something.

PS Also note new sweater dress in first piccie? Am so very pleased with this. Long and warm and very cost effective as it was from my beloved TKMAXX. I do love browsing and hunting for designer bits and bargains there.

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