Monday, 18 October 2010

A little crochet goes a long way.

This was my happy half hour today when I simply played with this lovely Mirasol HACHO variegated merino wool and a 4mm hook: the pattern for the circles is in the current issue of Inside Crochet it's by Linda Perman. I was very , very, oh so happy crocheting these lovely circles, it was fun.
Before this I had planned to make a mitered scarf as per the pattern above but I did not like the way it had turned out see below.

This it sideways with using 3 different colourways of Hacho merino wool.
I have also been playing with ART from Colinette ; this was intended for a waistcoat or tabard.
This orange sample was the learning of a new and amazing stitch from Ravelry, it's a knit type stitch , again started from a pattern in Inside Crochet but the stitch explanations and demo were on the web in the summer. It looks more like knitting, lots of surface V's. It's also very thick and stiff so it's OK for a bag or something sturdy but has no drape for clothing..... Unless I try it with a bigger hook and a more suitable yarn? This was a DK cotton.
Made some baby botees for a colleague at work who's having a baby imminently. This was after the pale blue pair I made for the neighbour's first grandson, last week.

This is what I'm about to go do BUT without the dogs! They only get a 5 minute cuddle in the morning and are NOT allowed up at night. Here I am at 7 am as the filling- a very sleepy one- in a dachshund sandwich. Lucy is squished up against my back as close as she can get and Pippa is having a wee cuddle as she's been lifted into position. She started liking this when she was pregnant in January 2009
And this is what I hope to complete tomorrow.... Rona in progress. Yokes and sides made, sleeves to be inserted and then buttonbands, hem, collar and sleeve finishing bands to do.
After which I'll get back to my circles I hope!

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