Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sadness and Gladness at 7 weeks old today

Here's Jack looking out of the big basket and wondering what the day will bring.

And here's Tom having a cuddle after breakfast.
Then a bit of playing as a threesome as we are expecting visitors today and one puppy may leave us.

And yes he did: Tom went to a new home in Sussex. Lucy is in a yellow collar- Jack in the blue.
Jack relaxing in the middle of the big bed: look I'm sooooo comfy!
Jack and Lucy cuddled up: Lucy is on the left and Jack on his back.
I think they were a bit sad when their litter and playmate they

had a big cuddle with Big JJ.
And then, and then..... there were two.................................

Thus we were sad to see baby Tom go but also very glad that he went to such a lovely home with very friendly dog-loving people and a family with children who will adore him and play with him and train him.

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