Friday, 24 April 2009

Glorious Pippa Celebration : such a great MUM!!!

This diary page is entirely devoted to my dearest Pippa : the mother of the 3 puppies and my own very first puppy dachshund who we collected at 8 weeks and brought home in September 2006.

Starting with her in her shaggy coat left long and unstripped during the pregnancy and beyond.

She deserves a pampering treat.....

So off she went on Thursday April 23- one day after my birthday- for a shampoo and handstripping afternoon at the dog-grooming parlour. And she came home: GORGEOUS!!!!

Silky smooth wiry coat, trim and slim legs, wagging tail, silky chest and a schnauzer trim on the face!!! Finally she can see out of her eyes and the tan eyebrows are perfectly placed once again...

Isn't she looking fine and dandy? Lovely lines I fell head over heels in love with her looks all over again! Of course never stopped adoring her fabulous character but she was looking so very shaggy lately....
She smells divinely too although I'm sure that as a dog who loves to stink she doesn't agree with me on that one!

Lively too, here she is dashing about the garden : terrorising the pigeons and blackbirds. Her figure is nicely trim too and she is still feeding the pups a few times a day: mostly first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime....

What a profile: she's aristocratic !
Did you say: chocolate cake???? Left-over from your birthday???WOOOF I want some!!!

What a lovely sunny afternoon in the garden.

She's watching over her 2 puppies: Jack and Lucy who -having had their first vaccination on Tuesday-are now playing on the grass.
Oooooh she's a calendar girl! I'll have to make one for 2010 with puppy and Pippa photos for every month- or maybe every week as I have sooooo many!

Every inch the pedigree dachshund: LOVELY!

Sorry this next bit is just indulgence: a collection of pictures all taken today. Just for my memories really. My birthday treat by blog....

Mum : can you stop now? Here she is talking to me with those expressive eyes and marked intelligence.
Got to tell this story before I forget it.
This week she slipped her lead in the field where there are rabbits next to a fence and a busy road at the far end- she still loves to dash in front of cars barking- she was on the lead well before we came close to the road and was protesting then all of a sudden the collar was off and I was left with empty collar and lead....HELP!!! No kids and no treats in pocket, she dashed off at first- towards the rabbits thank goodness- and NOT the road BUT as I exclaimed :'' OH NO!!! and instinctively sank onto the grass for a minute: she turned right around and dashed back to me !!!
She sat down next to me and rolled on her back to have her collar put back on. I was AMAZED.
I hugged her in relief and she licked my face as if to say: don't worry mum I'm not as silly as I once was. We have become a lot closer since her pregnancy and birth when I spent so many nights with her.MY FABULOUS PIPPA. HIP HIP HOORAY !!!!!

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