Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dachshund diaries 6 weeks old TODAY

Hi there and a Happy Easter for tomorrow! It's been a very very busy week with lots of playtimes and feed times for the puppies and then a quick escape to get some things done when they fall asleep for an hour or two... As above.
Here's Jack having one of very many cuddles . This was on the 9th April at one of the 4-5 playtimes in the day.

Here he is in profile: handsome chappie isn't he? We think so and he's very easy going, happy chap. No buyers yet but then I haven't sent in the Kennel Club registration yet either: still thinking up a suitable KC name.........mmmmmmmm
Still Jack and with A's crochet- her very own and she's very adept at it!- and my rainbow blanket wools in the background. Side view to show he really is looking like a proper dachshund now!
This is Lucy top view by the sofa to show how small they still are even though they seem really big now- relativity is such a conundrum isn't it?
This is Tom of course still preferring the personal treatment at breakfast though I have today had him eat all 4 meals by himself in the puppy cage and he did it beautifully.... at last...
This is to commemorate how my dear sleepy children have been helping with the early morning ( from 6 am) puppysitting/puppywatching as I make the breakfast or clear up their messes....
After breakfast within a half hour or so of a chopped hard boiled egg Tom finds himself a quiet soft and warm spot to fall asleep: Pippa's cushion in the sun by the patio doors.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lucy beside two of her favourite toys: a furry santa pull-toy and a shoebox- aaah so delicious to chew!!!
Having been pulling at a corner of this fleece : quite suddenly- just like human babies!!!_ the puppy dozes off......Head down, eyelids droop......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This next bit doesn't look so good but I want to remember how hard work this puppified Easter holiday is/was!!! 4 meals a day which initially 3 of which were fresh cooked beef- fried by me - then minced in the blender and mixed with rice....
They don't like the pedigree chum dry kibble or the science plan one at all yet..... But I HAVE now - at the end of this week- found they like the pedigree chum pouches for pups and also they like readibrek made with water but with puppymilk added and with a sprinkling of tuna......YUMMY!!! What a relief- that's sooo much easier to do!

Remember remember : all that beef mince, frying, mincing, blending, washing those puppy bowls, all that rice........etc etc.
Doesn't Lucy look GOOD on it though? Glossy coat, shining eyes, cute wet black nose......
And here's TOM our second fella up for sale.......!!!! Another VERY HANDSOME chap! JJ especially adores his slim aquiline features, very lean very like his dad I think.
Playtimes are fun if it's tug of war or chasing a ball or they trot beside or after us like we're the Pied Piper: so cute and funny: 3 little black dogs with prancing paws and waggy tails.
BUT I didn't know how much fighting is just instinct! Talk about sibling rivalry: they are at it constantly! Ears get dragged, sometimes 2 against 1, paws get chewed, tails chewed or pulled at, bite bite bite until we intervene or one of them sqeals.....
I'm sure it IS all play as they roll around holding ears or a tail or paw in their mouth and sometimes they lock jaws or have a head in the mouth..... Not my scene but it's only natural.
Here's Lucy with her big Puppy-dog eyes: Is it Dinner/tea/lunchtime yet??? What do you mean I should NOT bite that?????It's only your SHOE/FINGER/ANKLE/CHIN/belt/bag/crochet throw/etc etc.....
This is Tom asleep by mum on the sofa as he was waiting for his 8 pm supper time and could not stay awake for it....Mum could not be groomed yet as the grooming parlour owner advised against it: risk of airborne virus transfer apparently. So she's still looking scruffy but she's been brushed thoroughly. Doesn't she look ''fluffy''?
EEEEK! Eeerie! Dogs can sleep with their eyes half open or just a slit showing..... I find it a bit eerie but it's fine.....
And after the 8 pm suppertime today on their 6 week ''birthday'' they are cuddled to sleep by daughters and husband while watching Robin Hood/ Britain's got Talent/ Little Miss Sunshine and then they are transferred back to their pen with some blankets.
They snuggle up together and Tom cheekily has Jack as a headrest..... This is how they are NOW as I type this on the eve of Easter Sunday....Just behind me in their pen.
Wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER!!!!
I will write in a few days as we are visiting my mum : Pippa and all 3 puppies are having a journey by car and a new house to explore!!!!

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