Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dachshund diaries day 36: 5 weeks and a day.

These days have been very busy as it was the last week of term and there was soooo much on!
So here is a really BIG collection of pictures to catch up on the last few days.

First we have playtime several times a day now- twice last week and from Saturday 3 to 5 times a day/ evening too.... Above they have cardboard tubes- 2 out of sight and mum's ball...

But within a few minutes they lose interest in the ball and go exploring...

Teeth are used all the time, it's non stop playbiting/ fighting for the boys and Lucy too but to a lesser degree, she chews blankets and rather ''manically'' has a go at a daughter's finger.She was much sweeter looking in real life but the flash caught a weird moment...

Then we still have 80% sleep time too, they eat and play for 30-45 minutes and then sleep again for at least 1-2 hours. Above is JACK.
Ans this is TOM

Being held is Lucy in drowsy mode.
Breakfast is served in the puppy cage which is a lovely ''safe '' area for a new puppy, this was Pippa's 3 years ago and we feed the pups in here to familiarise them with the cage so they'll like it when they go to thier new homes and have a similar cage for a few months or a year.
Tom however does not eat unless fed so here he is being spoilt again.
He just LOVES a cuddle so he's got it made: this way he gets personal attention, a cuddle AND food!
After breakfast Lucy tastes the cage: not as nice as the eggs....
The boys return to their paly-fighting while Lucy investigates an escape.
Mum also LOVES the eat egg so the cage keeps her nicely out of the way while the puppies eat or otherwise she would eat it all for them!
Back in their box they ask to come back out again and by Friday 3 April Lucy climbed out and trotted off into the hallway all by herself....The boys watched but didn't follow. We were watching and let her have a little explore before scooping her up for a cuddle.
They are all very individual now BUT sometimes the boys can still look remarkably alike.
Can you tell the difference?Above from left to right are : JACK, LUCY, TOM.
Sometimes it's easy but from other angles the boys look very alike, Lucy is very different: more ''whiskery'' and with a broader skull .
They ALL look totally adorable, especially head on when they look you straight in the eye.
LOVELY lovely charming faces- soooooo pretty!!!!! Even my husband agrees- it's not just me...
I have tried and tried but I can't get a good likeness on camera in the ''head on'' way like you get when you have a cuddle and they sit or lie on your chest.
They have a good long look at you and then usually creep up a bit closer and lick you on the nose! The books say dogs don't look you straight in the eye BUT these puppies -and Pippa too for that matter- they do! It's as if they are trying to read your mind?!
During or after playtime mummy comes to join in BUT as soon as she appears they run to feed and she lies down willingly.
Then only a few minutes later she shrugs them off and joins in with playtime, rolling around with them and playbiting too. She lets them climb all over her, hang onto her tail and bite her ears and mouth. Then she does it back to them but very very gently.

Then quite suddenly they climb onto a person or whine to be picked up and fall asleep on a lap or in some - very willing!!!- arms. Who is this then? ( on the jeans)
And this? On my hand- crocheted throw?Answers in the next post which may not be tomorrow as it's Easter holidays and therefore blogtime is almost non-existent!

On a technical note: they have been wormed at week 2 and now at week 5 and alas Jack and Tom are for sale......We will miss them I'm sure but although advertised we have no buyers yet- so my kids sing HOORAY hooray....
Will we become a 4 dog family? To be continued.......

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