Saturday, 25 April 2009

8 weeks old today a page devoted to ''Jack jnr'' or JJ

Here we are 56 days later at 8 weeks old and having had his first vaccination at 7 weeks this puppy is ready to leave home. He's for sale at £600 with an excellent pedigree: both parents and all forbears for 4 further generations are Kennel Club registered.
Pedigree standard wirehaired dachshund puppy with a lovely placid character who is very easy going , loves human company and lying on his back to have his tummy and chest tickled....

And here below he's the one on the right resting on my husband's neck.

Quick photo as he runs through the grass : JJ from above.

Lovely sweet puppy : very interested in all that goes on around him.

Yummy a nice chewy bone toy!!!

What are you looking at? Can't I chew on this?
Who's got the ball over there then?

No honest I'm not chewing this, just resting my head on it.
Oh YES please: more tummy tickling/rubbing please!!!!

Shall I jump out and chase that ball or just stay here and rest a bit?
Look!!! I can shake my head and flap my ears!!! If I do it fast enough can I fly? Oh I guess not then. Are you SURE dachshunds can't fly? Oooh but don't I look BEAUTIFUL?

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