Friday, 17 April 2009

Easter holiday catch up

Above is Jack having a cuddle with JJ . He has lovely ''basset-hound '' ears but apparently so did his dad at this age and then went on to be a breed standard dachshund and win prizes.
We've moved on to real cow's milk in 2 of the daily feeds and to ensure they all have a ''fair'' feed they eat in turns in the cage to stop any interference from a sibling or their mum.
Meanwhile the others indilge in some playfighting while they wait....

Jack curled up suddenly so tired he MUST sleep...

And Tom who has found Pippa's cushion in the sun for some zzzzz's

Mornings are still very very early: 6 am most days and there are also late nights as they sometimes are playing at 11.30 pm......Even after their milky readibrek.....Hence the pyamas.....
Lucy and Jack enjoy the cushion too. Jack is the one behind or on the left of Lucy.

Here's Tom again this time he's trying out mum's BIG basket.......and right in the middle too, soooooo comfy!!! There now you can see how tiny he looks in mum's basket. She has a smaller one for night times upstairs too. We have been so busy playing with them or watching, and they gallop so fast that you can't catch it on camera! The running off with a box or a shoe or any ''treasure'', some of which is actually bigger than the puppy itself is very funny but happens too quickly to capture, alas.
Then they play fetch or chase or tug of war but mostly they indulge in play-fighting as above and below.
This is Jack- see his red collar?- and Lucy on her back for just a minute.

Then she's back up and reciprocating.....

And sometimes they all 3 or just 2 play tug of war with EACH OTHER and that's soooo cute!!!
Especially with the toy Santa tug-toy....

Tried to capture it here as two were at opposing ends but as soon as the camera was ready they had come closer to each other....
Lucy and Tom climbed out of the whelping box- with the drawbridge UP!- AT 3 AM one morning and luckily decided to howl at the stairs so when I very sleepily and unsteadily descended the stairs there they were at the bottom of them: howling and wagging their tails very enthusiastically: aren't we clever????
So they now sleep in the cage too, for safety reasons. the cage gets put into the box at night to keep them off the very cold floors in our house. The box has ''feet'' to raise it off the ground, clever JJ to build it that way!

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