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The Idiot's Diet Plan....WOW lost 6.4 lbs in 6 days?!!!

 I am just about to finish my 7th day on the IDIOT'S DIET PLAN 11 day fast version of their eating programme and so far I have lost 6.4 lbs in weight. I do feel absolutely TERRIFIC and have lots of energy, I am hardly ever hungry- well only just before a meal is due- and have had absolutley NO cravings for any ''bad''carbs, wheat, bread or even chocolate or cake....
Above was my red and green meal, and below was one of my green meals.
 And scrambled eggs in butter are a real treat, a favourite as it is delicious and fills me up.
I'm telling you this NOW , because the hardest day is coming up tomorrow: it;s the ''all day vegetables '' day on day 8. And if I confess now maybe I'll be better at sticking to it.
I first discovered this diet after midnight when surfing the net in 2007....I was up late and it was an advert that caught my attention. I was ultra heavy ( that is well over 10 stone or maybe even just nudging 11 stone for me) at the time and depressed at having to go back to WW yet again...
So I tried it and lost 9 lbs in 11 days just like they had promised I would...After the 3 days off I found it harder second time and only lost 4 lbs, then went back to normal eating again BUT I didn;t gain it back for well over 6 months or more. Since 2007 I have tried it once or twice, most particularly in 2012 just before joining WW with Miss Y on a GPs recommendation... That's when I lost over 2 stone., some of quick with the idiot's diet and some of it SLOW with WW.

You can google the terms or find it here:

For reviews and feedback from other people:

What is it all about? You eat 4 meals a day ONLY and they have to be 2.5 or more hours apart.
Then you use a diet generator online and they give you a very detailed and specific 11 day eating plan with the foods you can eat at each of the 4 meals for the 11 days, but you can swap your 4 in any order each day. You are not allowed ANY bread, potatoes, pasta, rice or any of those high energy/ calorie dense carbs. The only drinks you can have have to be less than 10 calories so I have  a mug of tea with only 30 ml of skimmed milk in it and a sweetener with no calories.
All the meals have a few choices but many are either protein only, vegetable only or fruit only meals.

Such as:

 Slices of ham = 1 meal.
 Or cheese! In my case my favourite EDAM!
 oR STEAMED green beans with a nob of butter?
 Turkey slices anyone? Or a chicken drumstick( skinless)?
 you can decide your own portions but only eat until you feel satisfied, NOT STUFFED!
 So I have been using cute smaller plates and eating very ''mindfully''....
This is a good ''office diet '' too as these foods are so easy to take in a lunch box!
It's a sandwich without the bread! Just the filling!
 And there's loads of fruit choices but fruit meals are in the minority, the only day you eat a lot of fruit is on DAY 2. I really enjoyed my pears, plums and oranges that day and oddly enough I had not eaten any of those fruits for weeks and weeks before that. And they were totally DELICIOUS.
I would love to understand how it really works as I'm sure it's something to do with how we digest our foods and how the body accesses our glucose or fat stores when it needs to.
I remember from Uni- days something about different metabolic pathways for different types of food and I do wonder whether this is connected to that? At least also as I'm still housebound with my broken ankle I'm happily sticking to this Challenge as otherwise I might be tempted by cake and cheesecake and chocolate and so on, snacking all day out of ''boredom'' and ''cabin fever'' and just ''feeling sorry for myself''.
And I'd be gaining not losing lbs! I weigh myself every morning to stay motivated and this is how it went:
daily losses in sequence: -2.2,-1.7,-0.1,-1.6,0,-0.8= total -6.4.

4 more days to go and then ''you can eat anything you want for 3 days'' , after which if you have more to lose you can repeat the 11 days with a newly generated plan or repeat the old one.
The generator has about 48 foods in it and you choose 30 for it to prepare the plan. Alas it includes a lot of nuts which I can;t choose as I;m allergic so the variety for me is quite limited.
And I can't quite understand why there is no cod or haddock or salmon , mackerel or other fish or meat proteins that one eats here. As supposedly the ''fat''content is not really limited? It's not ATKINS though as I did try that a few years back and was sick as a dog on ''day 3''. Never again! I felt DREADFUL!

Anyway enough of this, I have an assignment to write, an epic essay.... No more procrastination and doing '' other things''.
Cheerio, think of me with my 4 veggie meals won't you?

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