Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hobbycraft visit: new W.I. yarns!

 The day dawned bright even if yet again not much sleep was enjoyed, but no matter, the sunshine was just LOVELY.
 I was planning the new border as when we had the new fence put in the fence-crew removed and killed the plants that had been established there for over 17 years! Now there's bare earth and I get a chance to plant all the things I love: Honeysuckle, Clematis, Wisteria, Hollyhocks, sweet peas, roses,Ceanothus - but it has to be the really deep blue/ purple one not the pale blue, and and and oh the list goes on but I'll test the soil and chart the sun and shade times before finally deciding what will grow best.
 On such a day it's glorious to see the washing dry and blow about!
 My ankle is still black and blue, still hurting a fair bit and am still wearing the leg-brace.
 And at the weekend we had a HAIL shower! In MAY?
 ok OK here we go, I got a trip out today HOORAY even if it was just to the Aylesbury Hobbycraft.
 They have a new ROWAN display cabinet....
 And the REAL reason was the W.I. yarns ! I'd read about them but wanted to know more so .....
 There's 3 types of acrylics, soft and cuddlly, a very shiny one and a premium one...
 All made in Turkey, the shiny and cuddly ones were quite soft, but not so the premium one.
 Here below are the shiny 4 ply ones in my fave colours of the summer season 2014: lime green and turquoise!
 And below that the UK made Shetland wool, again a 4 ply but a pricey £6.95 a ball.
You do get a lot:    metres but it's VERY VERY SCRATCHY.  Would be OK  to felt or maybe for a bag?
 Just a quick glimpse at the BOODLES jerey super bulky ribbon yarn shades.
 And as I like 4 ply: the Natura and PETRA 3 ranges in stock. Both are all cotton. And Natura was reported at having launched many new colours recently, but they weren't there.
 This purple might be perfect for my Boden ''grape'' printed shirt...It's a very difficult shade of greyed-purple?
 Petra turquoise which in this photo no longer looks very turquoise
 Pure wool 4 ply in turquoise- dreamtime Fairytale and the 3 for 2 is always useful?

WI Shetland wool 4 ply up close, there's Duck -egg on the left which is so nothing like ''proper'' duck egg but much brighter and a tweedy mix and then Azure on the right.

 All of the colours are delightfully tweedy.
 Some pattern inspiration seen also...
 And this AMAZING chair a combination of perspex and knitting?!
 And a weird stool where someone was too lazy to sew in their ends....
 And inspiration from the Telegraph: a RAFFIA banana bag with leather details, IT'S CROCHETED.
 I have some raffia in the attic: yellow, red and a deep azure blue.....
Then back home again to the sunny garden and some cheery fresh flowers.

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