Thursday, 15 May 2014

IPD plan phase 1 all finished, very chuffed with result

 IPD meaning Idiot Proof Diet and I'm now on day 12 which means I FINISHED THE 11 days!!!
Total reshaping: - 8.2 lbs!!! It's so nice to be UNDER the 10 st mark...!!!lol.
The sandwich was lunch on day 2....That is the ONLY day you get to have bread.
 And these are some of the other meals during the 11 days...Lots of scrambled eggs.
 With a brief interlude: LOOK another raffia crocheted bag- PRADA I think?

 Cheese slices...
 Chicken slices....
 Ham slices...

 Broccoli with 30 g of grated cheese on day 8.
 More day 8, that's the difficult one for me.

 Peeled pear slices: sweet and juicy and some grapes!
 Yummy prawns...
 This was Tuesday when I had my stitches out: waiting well over the hour delay indicated... But then Mr Norris is a mighty fine surgeon, the scars are minimal and both healed so well, it's so exciting to think my eyes will work properly for the first time in many decades when the last tube comes out in a few weeks..
 The view to the hills beyond as I went to pay my car parking fees at the JR.
So... any how I feel a bit lost and bereft without my diet sheets telling me what I am to eat...?
Great result though: 8.2 LBS ! TERRIFIC!

I feel it deserves a little fanfare? TAN TAN TARRAAAAAH!
Except I don't feel very different? But then I hadn't notices the last 8 lbs ''creep'' on until I clocked the scales? I had known about 4 of them since early January but not the rest.
BUT my trousers DO feel looser and one dress that looked awful and was tight a few weeks ago, now looks good and slightly loose again so it must be ''REAL''?
Next time apart from noting down what I eat and when I'm going to measure myself on day 1 and day 12?
As well as daily weigh-ins.
Now what to do next? REPEAT after 2 or 3 days or leave it a week and do it over Half Term? 
I've had some bread today but apart from that I didn't really miss anything and had no cravings whatsoever.
I'm still about 15 lbs away from target at the moment, then ALL those dance dresses and skirts will fit really comfortably again.

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