Saturday, 1 February 2014

Latest Crochet and Rowan inspiration

 Oh what weeks there have been! So much rain and so much work that there has been so very little time for crochet alas. This tabard 's been growing since before Christmas : it's mainly in Drop's aran yarns and a 5 mm hook with some Colinette Art thrown in. In fact it was the idea to use up some ART yarn in my stash that started this off. I want it really loose and roomy and simple, it's my own design and pattern.
I 've been having lots of fun with thios textured raised stitch as well as playing with the colours and the stripe sequence which is intentionally irregular.

The colours which are darker and more navy based towards the hem change once 2/3 up to much  brighter colour yarns and more royal blue.
e.g.: from Colinette Florentina to Colinette Fresco.

 Now I need to find the time to complete the back in the same stripes and work V neck and cap sleeve bands to finish? This was a rather smart train to Sutton on Monday last, no crochet on the train though, lots of e-mails on my new work phone and lots of reading!

 Then 3 days last week were spent in London, working, two of which near Westminster so I captured a few shots before being in various offices;
 Some delightful sunny spells!

 It was getting dark when I came out to go home...

 Wednesday it rained a LOT! Not been up Tothill road before, it gives a different view of Westminster Abbey with the House of Parliament behind?
 I was truly impressed and inspired by the latest TOME from ROWAN: #55:
 I like these stripes, they too go darker near the hem. My tabard stripe idea must have been in the ''ether'' because I did mine before I saw this! Great minds think alike?
And it looks so soft and cosy too, and the stripes are irregular?!
 I also love these stripes! THE COLOUR COMBO PARTICULARLY.
Lime and then the pinks and reds ?!
 And the photos of clones lace were dreamy!
 This is the mag I'm talking about.... The latest issue. Very thick and heavy, but then it's the price of a book so it's like a book- of sorts.
 I'm going to try this type stitch in CROCHET! Not those colours though, not ''me'' at all.
 It has a fun section on STRIPES!!!! Mostly knitted alas but nice stripes!
 This too is knitted but I think it looks like crochet and COULD be replicated in CROCHET!
It has a crochet picot edging...but I'm talking of those lozenge shapes...
There are quite a few- more than one for once- crochet PATTERNS too!
This is one.Am LOVING/ lurving those vertical stripes.

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