Saturday, 22 February 2014

Yarn buying abstinence period?

Abstaining from any yarn purchases......??????

Well, ehrrr, I was going to say I'll try no not TRY, but actually DO this for say 6 months, but I do doubt that I could stick to that.... So let's start small with say a week or two?!Or maybe the Month of March?
So to help me to this let's survey the planned projects , the ongoing projects and the to - be finished- very shortly projects...

This is the red bamboo I bought before Christmas, the royal and navy viscose I bought as a ''try out'' and the lime and turquoise bamboo I purchased 1 ball of each yesterday but I already had a part used ball of each too.
It's to make TUNISIAN Sampler shrug to wear at supper breaks at dances with my - mainly navy or navy/white- dance dresses and ensembles.
The pattern is at this link:
I'll need :
A: 440 M and I have 110 of the navy viscose so I'll use some navy bamboo and buy a little more viscose too.
B: 330 M this is the red and I should have plenty with these 3 balls of 100g.
C: 220M: this will be partly the turquoise and with some royal viscose thrown in , again I should have enough.
D: This is the accent and used sparingly: it's the lime colour.
I have the pattern, the instructions AND the necessary Tunisian hook and cable and having swatched it already I know I have perfect tension: 24 sts at 16 cm works out equivalent to 15 sts per 10 cm !

So as soon as I have decided on my ''size'' I can get started!

I have the course- but not yet started it, I have bought the yarn and the knitting needles: 25 mm and 15mm yesterday AND I know I can wear this fabulous modern lace piece at work and at play, at dancing and at weekends, so it's something I'll really use! 
I may want a slightly longer sleeve: short, or to elbow or full length though, so I have an extra ball of bamboo.
Now I need the TIME to sit and go through the course and MAKE this.

Project #3:
The throw for the new cream comfy armchair to coordinate with all the new curtains:

Again I have ordered the large cream and the green aran ( and a red one not in photo) for this project and am combining this with the free yarns I have been collecting from the art if crochet collections.
Am using mini bordered granny squares for this, to be crocheted together in cream as inspired by the Nikki Trench blanket pattern in one of her books, I forget which one.
This is going to be my own design and pattern: the idea is a vertically striped lozenge style stitch pattern that has a boxy back, and a longer length front with waterfall opening revers, no buttons waistcoat, or possibly a jacket of I have enough for sleeves too.
Inspired by the Butterfly cowl below and indeed it's due to having one 100g NORO sockyarn leftover that I went for it. Only needed 3 x 100g more I reckoned...
I haven't yet decided but I think I''ll be using a navy alpaca 4 ply for the edges of the lozenges.
But I have only 1 test ball of this for the swatching so I would have to buy that, eventually.
Project #5:

HARDLY ANY YARN YET, planned as a feather and fan hairpin cardi - shawl using creams , white and beige , using white viscose ribbon and the cream Jaeger silk yarn from my stash.
Jennifer Hansen pattern AGAIN.

NEW Project #6:
Striped in blues and greens with white joins, a ripple hairpin T shaped boxy top for summer.
This uses the PANAMA yarn I bought last summer so again I'd be starting by USING yarn from my stash.

Also known as W.I.P.

this is almost complete, I has to start a second alpaca ball but am still completing the first NORO ball.
I've done way more than this but not taken a recent photo.
Also quite recent and very exciting: the textured uneven stripe tabard:
I have completed the front and 2/3 of the back and it's sewing in 100's of ends and adding the border trims , as well as putting it together so I'd say it's at 80% complete?

Project #3:
Cashmere pink jacket: this needs a lot of crochet adding to the front panels to make a draped revers effect , 
then I have to decide whether to leave it all pink or add a navy trim and a closure option.
Fronts, back and sleeves all completed and constructed so it's mainly finishing touches.
87% complete? Very late, started in 2011?
Project #4:
RED angora jacket: all crocheted and constructed but needs a button closure and an optional navy trim.
It fits and looks great and is exceedingly cuddly. 95% complete!
Started in 2013? Or 2012?
Project #5:
White cotton SALICE : again all complete, constructed but felt on the big side when I lost the weight in 2012, but now I'm big again it could be perfect. 
Need to finish it with buttons and so on.
90% complete.
Project #6:
White circles top in cotton 4 ply, my own design and pattern.
As a sleeveless tank top it's 95% complete but do I want to add sleeves????
I was working on this at EASTER in Dorset in 2013.
Have since mislaid where it is....
Project #7:
Ice cream colours aran cabled cushion cover.
Started for the Aran course in Chipping Norton.
78% finished.
Project #8:
Glossy white cabled bag with leather handles.
Done the swatch and bought the extra yarn.
Was to be a pattern for publication....
Have I now mislaid the sample swatch???
Project #9:
The cream cowl with pearly buttons that used a technique that looks like broomstick but wasn;t .
From an interweave accessories magazine, named Ghost or similar.
20% complete. Not sure I need it .
Project #10:
The 3 colour scarf that Santa girls bought me the baby alpaca from ROWAN for: a mix of royal, magenta and azure blues....
Tumbling blocks or interlinking stripes or mitering and work on the diagonal?
Decisions decisions, not yet made.

Those 2 balls of delectable dark royal tweedy silk mix ROWAN yarn???
One ball was started as a cowl but it sat on my shoulders like a lacy yoke for a sweater and then it stalled.
the CHUNKY JERSEY BOODLES yarn, where I started a dog basket as per ERICA KNIGHT pattern but it didn;t work and the sides flopped and the dogs aren;t keen.
So now it will be a bag and maybe some protective mats for the chairs in the car ( muddy dogs) 
or maybe some baskets?

And I'm going to stop there BUT there were other ''investments'' and ideas galore last year: 
such as a bulk buying of linens to make shrugs and boleros for summer and dancing in.
( dance dresses usually don;t have sleeves and one does get very hot)
and the BEADS! and plans for beaded crochet and beaded tube jewellery that I had in 2013.
After ART IN ACTION remember?
Well that's something I hope to be getting on with in the summer?

PHEW having listed this it looks like I have enough to be getting on for a year, not a few weeks or months.
And I haven't even included the pale blue cashmerino or the Regia hand dyed yarn both destined for specfic projects when purchased but not yet started?
And the Purply- blues tumbling blocks sampler made in Paris that Christmas which drove me to pursue and find a discontinued yarn so I could stockpile and planned to make a V neck long slim jacket for work? 
OK I'm stopping there! Time I did some SEWING!

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