Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wet Wet Wet

 This is a while ago now, early January I think, my new FITFLOP tall boots came for my foot issue and Pippa decided immediately that the boot box was better than any basket! She has it still!
 It was a weekend day and we went walking by the Prebendal, 3 of us Lucy, Pippa and me.
 The Prebendal fields were flooded, lakes with swans and gulls swimming on them!

 Pippa looking amazed through the fence at the bridge, first left then right: where is my walk area gone?

 The sign says dog-walkers are welcome- should that not be dog- swimmers?

 So we ended up walking round the cricket pitch instead.

 Loving these pollarded willows. Very VAN GOGH.

 At the end of the walk: PIPPA did NOT want to go home!

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  1. Hello! Love those local shots! It looks like spring is around the corner for you! Enjoy. My bulldog takes a look out the front door and refuses to go outside in the snow! What church is that? Very beautiful! Claire