Friday, 24 January 2014

Butterfly Progress

 This week I progressed this far with the cowl: it's length is now 58 cm, I have 8g left of the first ball of alpaca in pale blue and about 31g left of the first ball of NORO TAIYO sock.
I'm really glad the bright green and more turquoises have appeared now because I was getting quite concerned about the dull blues and burgundy at first. The photo which had grabbed me showed only the very bright green and turquoises and this impelled me to go buy the yarn...
 In the top photo you can see the colours are just about starting to ''repeat'' themselves in a similar sequence now.
 There are very many lovely subtle and varied colours in just one ball, quite justifying the cost of this lovely Noro yarn. The tweediness is great but the tendency to curl back on itself not so good.

The colours are difficult to capture, sorry this shows photos with and without flash.

There's one more lot of bright green - used to be called ''aqua'' in Canada  in the last 31g.
Lots of burgundy happening right now...

We had a few sharp cold frosty nights this week which meant scraping the car in the morning...
So pretty though, all that feathering?

And last weekend in a rare sunny spell I walked Lucy ( Pips is in season) on the Phoenix Way.

The floods are receding slowly, the ines by the ring road are still lakes, with swans and gulls swimming on them. One morning this week was stunningly BEAUTIFUL with white frost and a white hazy fog lying over the hills and fields, but I was driving to work and just will have to remember as there wasn;t the time or the opportunity to stop and take photos.

Was in London yesterday and saw this amazing glass globe..
Had to walk from Victoria to Westminster to get home as I'd been to 3 Bridges near Crawley and arriving back at Victoria the underground was closed due to flooding. Walked to Westminster to catch the Jubilee line. Westminster Abbey was looking very dramatic floodlit in white with the London Eye in blue and the House of Parliament in a golden glowing amber.
Alas due to trains and lateness I got home after 8:30 pm too late and too exhausted to go dancing.

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