Saturday, 4 January 2014

Making Melchior

 While the thunder struck overhead and rain and hail lashed the house and the garden, the dogs cuddled up together and we had lovely cosy times by the open fire.
 And busily crocheting , the second wise man or King was created: Melchior, the Persian King representing Europe.
 I made him a cloak without armholes this time, wide and billowing and richly decorated with white gold and rubies- a lovely chance for some beaded crochet. He's in saffron robes over coral as I thought the three wise men could all be in the secondary colours of purple, orange and green...
 Back of cloak and beaded details.
 Melchior is even taller than Balthazar and skinny too, to compensate for the billowing cloak?
 Head-dress in the making. Coral and pale  white gold.
 Hands tied together with a bow while awaiting the vessel with Frankincense. Grey beard for gravitas and wisdom.
 The turban decoration was 2 double crochet stitches wide with a turning chain and was sewn around a fluffy pipe-cleaner:
 The cloak was finished with a scarlet fluted and standing collar and contrast edges.

 With his turban decoration in place he's almost there.... The red and gold lines were embroidered in place.

 He carries a vessel carved of lapis lazuli with the glazed creamy resin of Frankincense spilling out over the top.( bit of poetic licence on the Frankincense- should be creamier and less regular but hey.)
Shepherd's avidly discussing the splendid new arrivals
 We Two Kings of Orient are.... Travel in convoy we travel afar....
 Greeting the infant King.

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