Sunday, 12 January 2014

Busy weekend but little crochet

 The butterfly cowl is progressing albeit very very VERY slowly....
It's slow and a tad tedious and boring, the only thing keeping me going is the colourchanging Noro yarn with a colour surprise every few rows, but the twist of the Noro and the tangling, and so much de-tangling to do- ach AYE! the hairy blue alpaca grabs the twisty Noro yarn and before you know it there's a huge mess.
 My fabulous FITFLOP mukluks arrived fresh from the sale and I am a happy bunny for at last my feet do not hurt when walking outside....AT LAST! I had found that the fitflop mules were lovely indoors so this was a guess, but it proved correct.
 These are going back though as I can't wear them to work!!! I thought they were black suede and in the notes it said leather upper.... They are HAIRY!
 Visited mum today, we chatted for 2 hours! It was all the driving: 160 miles that was a but tiring.
 This was Caspar in draft, my MSc assignment got in the way and I did not complete him on 6th January as planned. I like his head-gear but his robe is too pale, the wrong colour and the shawl collar doesn't work!
It just doesn;t look right so he's being re-done.
 he even looks a bit down in the dumps?  He's having a large shallow bowl of myrrh with handles that dangle off his hands, later.
 Meanwhile I have to redesign a new robe and make it, his face will be adorned with a moustache and a goatee I think too?!
 We all relaxed with the last episode of SHERLOCK tonight, open fire, new socks from Santa ...
 JJ on his laptop in ''my'' new chair and I'm on the new pouffe which with cushions makes a wee sofa in the corner! Legs up on the chesterfield.
And crochet of course!  You can just see Lucy on the sofa to my right?

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