Friday, 12 July 2013

What glorious sunshine!

So finally we are having a bit of glorious sunshine, hot hot weather with lovely warm evenings.BLISS.
I sit out in our garden with a late mini magnum or a hot chocolate and watch the sky go from turquoise through all the blues to inky navy while breathing deeply; AAAAH the scent of the honeysuckle hedge really comes out in the late evening.
I sit quietly alone with the dogs: the teenagers are on laptops facebooking in their bedrooms or living room and hubbie is till out working, works 7 days a week and all hours these days. I'm lucky if I see him for 15 minutes a day, but those few minutes are precious and lovely.
Why am I working fulltime in summer when I am a self -confessed sun-lover? Well? Actually although I miss the sun, the work has been really good lately, very busy but very engaging with lots of people which is the bi that's really really good.
Here's the progress on a little crochet done in various hospitals lately:
 I've finished the trim for the hem of a ''too-short-t-shirt'', just need to sew it on now. It only took 46 g of DK cotton and is 113 cm by 9.5 cm. It's repeats of 5'ves: 5 chains for a loop and then 5 trebles for a fan, with the return row being all 5 chain loops before coming back again alternating the loops and the fans.
I hadn't decided on the pattern before I chained so I did a row of trebles and chains as a grid for a base.
I may or may not thread a ribbon through that later.
 Miss E has had an amazing week: she was presented in a big school ceremony with 2 yes TWO! prizes for academic excellence today and I could not have been more proud! Tears streaming of course and that big lump in the throat, but luckily she didn't see, was too busy grinning. JJ just made it at the last minute into the seat I saved him and then video-ed the lot....
 Miss E had also spotted THESE amazing fun looking dogs at the hospital where she has her orthodontic adjustments made, clever eh? Such fun! Shame they were all sold.

 In all this hot weather we are eating salads every evening: pasta , buckwheat or quinoa with chopped onions, cucumbers, peppers, cherry toms, you name it it goes in. Then we add fish: tuna last night, smoked mackerel tonight. Creamed up with lots of low fat mayo: yummy!
 `This week I rather rushed around London on the Monday and I worsened a foot pain that I have had on and off for a while. Alas last night at the end of term dance party for the Scottish Dance club I was in such pain in both feet I could hardly dance, in fact I walked a few dances but mostly sat watching. Disaster!
Seems I have plantar fasci-itis in the left foot, where the pain is in the heel and I'm not sure why I have a pain in the ball of the foot on the right.  A friend who is a physio diagnosed the left foot.
And I'm going to St Andrews for a whole WEEK of dancing in 7 days time! EEEK? So I've been watching videos of stretches and massage and other cures which I will implement this week, isn't ''google'' and ''YOUTUBE'' a WONDERFUL THING? So HELPFUL!
So fingers crossed and foot stretched that I will be OK in a week's time.

 Here's the progress on the bolero: I have only the second sleeve and the finishing touches left to do.
I tried the sleeve on by sewing it in and it fits really snug and neat and seemed to be the right length.
The pattern is very well written. Art of Crochet issue 31.

And did I mention I had the BEST time teaching a crochet class last weekend? It was such fun and I do think all learned to crochet and enjoyed it too!  Then on Sunday Andy Murray winning Wimbledon was just the BEST wasn't it? Such a match! I came in from sunbathing as the dogs were pestering me, just in time to watch the last 2 sets and the winning moments: WOW!
Even I was quite gripped- not usually that keen on tennis as a watching game, I'd rather play- so THANK YOU , it's quite a wonderful Universe isn't it? Sunshine AND a UK Wimbledon champion after 77 years.

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