Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sunny at last!

There's still more Kaffe Fassett photos to come but with the lovely weather I have not had time at the computer.
Here's the next bit of crochet I'll be doing soon: Tribe a lovely pattern by Rowan: s tension sample made with 4 ply cotton.

Hot pink DK cotton edging to make a t-shirt longer...
 Here's the chain pinned to the hem to ensure a good fit later on.
 Walking to Scottish dancing class in Oxford last Wednesday: this is Observatory Street which I think is in Jericho? Such pretty colours.

There's also the old and the new jostling for space right next to each other:

 And the lovely sandstone buildings built around a quad : such pleasantness!
 More Old and New.

 And a fun sentiment I wholly agree with:
 And the pale turquoise DK cotton bolero I am making from Art of Crochet: this was the back completed last weekend.
 And this weekend, after teaching a beginners introductory crochet class all afternoon I came home to relax and work on the sleeves! The front pieces were completed during the week, but not yet photographed.

Cheerio, have a good week/ 2 weeks not sure when I can blog again as working full time for the moment with family and dog-walking commitments I seem to be running out of time!

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