Thursday, 18 July 2013

Art in Action 2013 at WATERPERRY part 1 with Sophie Digard

 This is the work of an extremely talented young lady ; xxxxxx and this is the BEST of the BEST tent at Art in Action which opened today. It is hand-cut paper!

 Then it was too hot to linger so after a reviving hand made apricot and mango ice cream in the shade I went to the illustrataors tent or was it drawing? I think it was the latter and this is drawing with a needle. Name: xxx
 Then on to Ceramics, this is a potted and edited trip round the site I take photos of only those items which appeal to me.
 Amazing pot with a disjointed floral print somehow embedded within the glaze?
 Then I just LOVED these bubbles trapped within glass: are they coasters?
 More pots: gorgeous abstract colour!
 Ach aye this glass is just simply SUBLIME:

 And this sculptural piece took my breath away: of course it's in my favourite colours too...
 I thought this almost looked like pieced Fimo or polymer clay but it's GLASS!
 Lovely bubbly necklaces but too large for me to wear... Nice cufflinks though?

 Oh how I fancied the turquoise shard on the far left!!! I prefer a much chunkier silver chain though and this was not possible to adapt. the silver tube fitting on the back was very tiny and only for the thinnest of chains.
 General impression of how some glass specialists are turning out glass jewellery.
 And then finally I found the TEXTILES tent:
 Some amazing weaving by xxx
 Kate Wells who I used to admire for her huge birds eye view landscape canvases in machine embroidery has gone all tiny teeny in gold, mmmm I prefer her views of the South Downs of the olden days.
 Liked the birds in flight though.
 This lady : xxx paint freehand and freely onto fine silks and chiffons using paintbrush, procion dye thickened with Manutex . It was a joy to watch her demonstrate.
 See? Some amazingly gorgeous silk clothing in a painterly abstract way.

 Selvedge were there with a lovely selection of SOPHIE DIGARD scarves: I have mentioned these before: I just adore them : crocheted by ladies in Madagascar and using very fine 2 ply held double so colours blend from one to the other . There must be thousands of ends to sew in! One tiny triangle I looked at was in 3 colours and only measured less than 2 cm. They are hand dyed with vegetable dyes and consist of merino 1 or 2 ply or a linen and cotton mix. All were between £275 and £295 or over £300. The girl at the stand said they take these clever ladies in Madagascar just 3 weeks to complete one scarf?!!
 7 scarves above and one lady went to try one on in front of a mirror elsewhere in the tent as this stand did not have one, but she didn't buy as it was scratchy: it was merino and it was also very very hot!
 I do so love them but the colours are so very French: such a lot of yellow - greens and beige and golden tones that flatter an olive skin but not a blue based Caucasian one.

 Though I really COULD see myself wearing any of these last 4? Stars, circles in relief,fans with teeny pom poms and the interlocking Y's?

 Better move on quickly... Straw hats here: riveting texture
 Paddy's fine black ink drawings...

 Some lovely lace.
 Weaving in motion

If you want to know any of the artists : see this link: but it may expire shortly after 21st July 2013 when it's all over again until next year or next time.

This was stunning I am sorry I cut off the top edge in order to get the name included.


 Gorgeous raised turquoise in textured relief, very touchy feely.

 And then it was time for sheer BLISS: A few stolen moments in front of a BIG FAN! iT'S NOW WELL ABOVE 32 DEGREES C outside and as hot if not hotter inside the tents.

 The view as you cool off a bit.

 Reminded me of the ''beaches'' crochet cardigan in'' Custom crocheted sweaters'', the one in beige / blue mini mochi.

 Very striking and in need of a large architectural space to display?
More soon.

It was bliss and the whole of middle class middle England seemed to be there, people watching whilst munching an ice cream was such fun. Lots of East and Boden , some Marks and Spencer and colourful linens with nice white shirts, lots of retirees with straw hats, swirly skirts or dresses.
Lots of lovely floral or paisley cottons and plain loose cut linens and some with lovely stylish jewellery and dishy trilby hats. I was glad to see almost all were in flat or comfortable sandals and there were many really lovely dogs too.
Looking, being inspired, participating or buying that special gift or present or stunning piece for the home or garden.
What makes Water Perry's ART IN ACTION so special is that it isn't just a craft/art fair : the artists are happy to answer questions ans share their secrets, they demonstrate and there are classes and fabulous music everywhere ans the gardens and and and 

Well there's lots more, some BEAD CROCHET that I learned today!!!
See part 2 but still taken on 18th July.

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