Sunday, 14 July 2013


Temperatures soared in our County today up to 31 degrees and above and even higher yesterday. We've had sunny days for 2 weeks now and it's just been so gooood. The scent of honeysuckle at night and the smell of  BBQs heating up and cooking meals al fresco all around us.
Tonight it's still 23 degrees at 11:30 PM, the girls have their fans going all day and directed at their beds all night. To walk the dogs after dark with the warm air kissing one's shoulders, just as if we were on a mediteranean holiday.
 Such BLUE skies, not a whisper of a cloud in sight, just some trails left by aeroplanes.
 Getting all the washing and more dry outside!
 Lavender ready to harvest

 Reading and dozing in sun and shade catching up on night sleep that isn't happening because it's so hot .
 Miss E's crayon artwork was busily melting as has the new tarmac laid in town over the pot-holes

 I've managed to hurt both feet: probably plantar fasci-itisb, hence the insoles, ankle strapping and toe up excercises. Only 1 week to go to St Andrews Summer school so I'm really stretching and resting as I want to dance again!

 Deciding which crochet projects to take to ST A's: Rowan's TRIBE but in Delta blue or navy 4 ply?
I'd have to order the navy and will it come in time?  My tension piece came out exactly to gauge per pattern.

And then there's this Japanese pattern I fancy: I made one of the motifs in Katia Bombay:
 Almost finished: just the frilly picot round to do..This was during the WHITE QUEEN the war of the ROSES drama on BBC.
 Is it too 70's what with the variegated and the swirling motif? Or this tunic maybe?!!

 Initially it was to become this Rowan Corsica pattern I think it's called, but I'm not sure I like the half trebles bottom half and is it supposed to look as if it's too small?
 The motif measures 23 cm square, was made with 3mm hook and weighs exactly 25 g, so one ball would make 4. The pattern used a fine wool, 3.5mm hook and the motifs measure 24 cm...

This is what hot sunny days are for! Exploring new crochet patterns ?
And swimming and boating but we didn't have the chance to do those this weekend due to my hurt feet.

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