Thursday, 18 July 2013

Waterperry part 2

 Continuing through the Ceramics tent: the way this artist had added flowers struck me as a good idea.
 These were just amazing large vessels:
 Then there was someone making ceramic jewellery:
 And this textured rounded bowl with the cobalt interior:
 I got the impression he may have been Dutch?
 Little tiny shiny centre bowls but the attendant person- hopefully not the artist- was a very grumpy bored looking young man, possibly even a teenager?  He was very disinterested in any people.

 This lovely girl was demonstrating in the silversmithing and jewellery tents:

 And then , OH WOW! ULLI KAISER you just MADE MY DAY!!!This lady was just sooo very helpful and demonstrated very slowly and beautifully:
 It looked beaded and I thought: bead -work with a needle but it was ALL CROCHET!

 With fantastic bold modern silver fittings and elements turning these beaded ropes into DRAMATIC statement jewellery:

 Ullli is in the first chapter of this very inspiring book, I will google or see if Amazon have it?
These lovely links are all beaded rope-links.
 And here she is! The lovely lady herself, telling me so much and letting me take notes and showing small seed beads, vintage beads and irregular semi precious beads can all be crocheted into lovely ropes and lariats.
She so very kindly told me about this site:

and also to google BEAD CROCHET on Youtube and I found this incredibly helpful - even if it is all in USA terminology- video! 

Bead Crochet Mastering the Beaded Rope with Ann Benson

But remember it was ULLI who was the inspiration and who showed me how to do it, I have been meaning to have a go and have tried a few times over the past 7 years , but have always got the size of beads, size of thread and hook size wrong somehow.
Anyway I shall report back when I've done some! HOW EXCITING, I am so lucky to learn something new just about every single day. THANK YOU!

 Giving a flavour of the day:

 oak in the woodwork tent: the names of herbs caught my eye and THEN....
 I liked what it says on the seat edge!
 And this one too:
 Here was a young lady weaving a basket of dampened rushes:

 And aren't these the cutest little baskets?

Her Aunt was showing more basket making:

And then with just about an hour to go before I was to meet Miss E I ventured into first the products and materials market place and then the artists marketplace:
 This is a shop in Witney called the pottery place that I didn;t know about but will be visiting soon!
 Lovely printing blocks! And the sweetest small MDF letters for decoupage or decopatch.
 General impressions
 Fab colourful glass jewellery but I had run out of time to look...

 Now THIS was an amzing acket with the London skyline felted into this lovely piece. One lucky lady may be given this as her husband was admiring it as I took this photo... Lucky lady, £350.
The inside is royal blue felt, hand made and totally unique this is a one off by the talented: FELT AMSTERDAM and yes the artist was Dutch and we had a lovely chat.
 She has a studio and runs workshops in Amsterdam. There were many lovely pieces but this stood out for me. The texture has been created by the shrinking of the wool fibres as they are felted into the fabric, nuno felting. The fabric was printed with the London skyline on a silk and cotton blend fabric.
 I have now met with Miss E at 15:40 and quickly had some lunch in the shade and am now being rushed to go home....

 Such sweet wrens!
And a sleeping textured FOX.

 This is where we started at part 1: The artist is Sarah Morpeth and here she is with her fabulous work:

This is her.

There are even more BEAUTIFUL photos of her work here:

 This lady does illustrations of nature and also was selling this gorgeous silk scarf...
 Having to say goodbye now: BYE BYE Waterperry House:I did not go inside this year but in previous years I have heard some sublime piano music played in the house.
 Looking towards the gardens which also I did not visit this time... too hot?
 Miss E, impatient leading the way with her ice cream. I'm needing a sit down for the last of my scrummy chocolate waffle cone and my feet which hurt quite a lot by now.
 A hint at those lovely flower borders of the famous Waterperry Gardens

Bye bye, what a totally wonderfully, educational, inspirational, sublime, delicious,darling of a day!
I hope to be back next year.

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