Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
This afternoon I made this oven- mitt as we have lost one recently and also some of my oldest and dearest ones are now falling apart. So in the tradition of making something entire and new on this day I made some oven gloves. Last year I made that cotton bag, remember? I have used it a lot since, it is now my Sottish Dancing bag- containing dance shoes, crib-sheets, water bottles and the little green book.
Here a few more I ran up quickly today. We started the day at a Scottish HOGMANAY party in Headington , where I , JJ and a friend had a lovely active time. Ingrid and I danced a lot while JJ steadfastly refused to even have a try at the Gay Gordons. Dancing from 8 pm to past midnight with a lovely shared supper in the middle and some very personal entertainments provided also.
Going back a few days to 29th I made a Dutch apple taart from a dr Koopman's mix packet after taking Miss E to Hemel Hempstead for a playdate and sleepover in the pouring rain.
Unbaked and then voila after spending just over an hour in the oven.

It was all eaten by the afternoon of the 30th....
Then on the 3oth we went to see HUGO in 3D in Aylesbury together and then I attended an 80th birthday ceilidh party for a friend, most of Towersey folk dance club were there also and it was tremendous fun.

On the 31st I woke with a migraine so had to rest until late afternoon and at 4pm to 7pm I baked furiously as I wanted some Dutch baked treats for the New Year's Eve celebrations.

I made Dutch roomboter koekjes: butter biscuits which are shaped with a special cookie gun....

And I made another Dutch apple taart this time from scratch using all fresh ingredients. I was sooo busy I forgot to take before and after photos, but luckily half was left after the party and then after the girls had had some this is what it looked like.....yummyyy!
I couldn't find the recipe for oliebollen in time and we didn't have time for deep frying so apple beignets were out of the question too, I made mini mince pies but over filled them- it was after 6 pm by then- and they all stuck to the pan so were left at home.
We came home at 1 pm and toasted the NEW YEAR with the girls but they all stayed up late and at 3.15 am Miss Y had a night mare and came to join us. Then JJ and I got up as we couldn't sleep and then at 6 am I fell asleep and JJ slept in Miss Y's bed.....What a tiring start to the year?
I set the alarm for 10:45 so we'd all be awake for the TRADITIONAL NEW YEAR'S CONCERT FROM VIENNA:
The music was wonderful and had me waltzing around the kitchen with the dog Lucy.
The ballet was beautiful as ever and the first set inn orange costumes had dresses exatly like my new dance dress from La Redoute which I'm re- lining with a royal blue silky fabric as it's in black satin strips with net panels. The nylon lining it came with would be too hot and allergic for Scottish dancing. Seeing ballerinas in ''my'' dress was soo exciting though!
The day wound down with the girls watching the Harry Potter film: Half Blood Prince.
Harry, Ron and Hermione looking out over the lake at Hogwarts with the Phoenix flying in the sky above them.

Hopefully we'll be off to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery tomorrow and then I need to catch up on this blog: PARIS before Christmas, A visit to mum and the fight and injuries of Pippa- luckily healing nicely now. The pink cashmere crochet is now at just over 36 cm in length.


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