Monday, 26 December 2011

Here it is a little bit of new crochet in a gloriously soft and vibrant hot pink cashmere yarn. Started this new jumper/ cardi on Christmas day and worked a little crochet magic on Boxing day too.
This is the stitch pattern for ''EMMA'' from Sue Whiting's children's clothing book.
Christmas eve started with croissants home- baked at home, Miss Y was quite excited about this and loved the way the special croissant dough package opened up.
Then it was mostly relaxing and decorating as well as 2 church services : 3 pm for the early Christingles and 11 pm for Midnight Mass both at St Mary's , Thame. The Christingle service was chosen because I wanted to watch King's College choir at 17:45 but the service was crowded and full of cute babies and toddlers but also a lot of crying noises and it stayed light throughout- out by 4pm- which didn't seem right with the candles somehow. Midnight Mass was just JJ and me and a rather rude Boris Johnston who just marched in halfway - 11:30- as if he couldn't be bothered to check the time. It was really lovely to see Dee and Libby from Towersey dancing there though.
Then I was cleaning and tidying to make space for the giant turkey from NEWITTS.
Miss E was cooking Christmas dinner with JJ supervising and they were up early to put Audrey in the oven. ( Miss E named her while in the queue at Newitts the Thame butcher)

There she is before all the preparations got underway. I was off the church by 10 with Miss Y ( singing in the choir)- saving a pew for JJ and Miss E who arrived a tad tardy at 11:05.
After church there was crochet and lunch and presents and then JJ and I had a lovely cuddle and nap to sleep off all that food while the girls dominated the living room with toys and tv. Actually we'd been up a lot and been sleeping less than 5 hrs a night so a catch up was in order.
After finishing the available yarn for the white cotton jacket I got started on the pink cashmere samples: Hannah- top- and Emma - lowest above. I have to figure out what went wrong in the arithmetic as I thought I'd ordered enough for the entire jacket in white, and yet after 7/8 of the second front I've run out and there's the sleeves yet to do too.
There was much gentle tv such as the SNOWMAN - such lovely drawings animated and Dr Who and while I enjoyed Downton Abbey - the girls watched strictly come dancing with an open fire and JJ sought some quiet male time in his den with a scifi movie.

The dogs too have enjoyed all the turkey skins and titbits, but very little walking as it's so dark and wet.
Finally late in the evening we had our Christmas pudding:

Almost half gone.....We retired after 1:30 am to sleep once again, sweet slumbers into Boxing Day.

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