Saturday, 14 January 2012

more culinary delights

This was today's- Saturday-lunch including the freshly baked home-made bread I baked last night! It's broccoli and stilton- an old fave in a baxters canned category BUT this is freshly made by MOI with Nigella's recipe of course. I can't tell you how delicious it was, just that eating it made me feel very very happy and a teeny bit spoiled and pampered. Blessed even. To have the chance to sample such a delight.
If you have the ingredients handy - especially 1kg frozen broccoli and 200 g stilton: then it's a quick and easy make. It took me just 20-25 minutes when we got home - hungry!- from our house-hunting escapade.
The bread I made last night even though I was exhausted after 5 + hours of driving and a long day at work and in Chichester....AND we had the roast buttermilk chicken again- see later.
Today late afternoon I knocked up two more batches of breakfast bars as those delicious 24 bars made on Tuesday 10th - yes ONLY 4 DAYS AGO- were all eaten by yesterday afternoon!
Above is one batch- from those foil baking dishes again, the above was made with cranberries and apricots cut up small as well as a few raisins.
Then also a big one in a new square baking tin: this one was cut into 20 bars and was made with a fruit mix as well as the cranberries and ''light'' evaporated milk. Above is the base, below the top.

This morning I was woken up by Miss Y yelling that I'd missed the 9 am music school visit and would need to hurry and get up... No lie in then? ( It was already 9:30)
I got up and walked Lucy on the Phoenix way admiring the heavy frost of last night and the fabulous sunshine and BLUE skies of the day. I also spotted this parasite in a tree, it's mistletoe isn't it?
The view
The path, we had to cut our walk short to arrive at music school by 11:25!
Late on Thursday evening I'm marinating the chicken quarters in buttermilk and spices for dinner, I had to get up at 6 am, not an easy feat for an ''owl'' and I couldn't sleep so was still prowling about after 2 am....
This is the half size cello we returned to the centre, Miss Y has moved onto a 3/4 size cello now, but we have yet to hear her actually play in on a regular basis..... It seems to be only the night before a lesson?!!

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