Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Nigella Baking day and more to come

A slight diversion from the white cotton Salice jacket and the pink cashmere: a ripple scarf in Colinette wool tweed, Muench velvety viscose chenille and a mohair...
The two cones of DOUBLE TOP cotton that arrived today ready to continue and finish the white Salice. BUT Tuesday 10th was Nigella day for me: a day of food preparation to treat and spoil my family, a celebration for the taste buds.
All using this book, which I had hoped for for Christmas but which didn't happen- yet?- so this is from the library. Sunday I shopped and bought ingredients for 6-12 recipes from this book.
Monday we had the buttermilk roast chicken legs and they were so very tasty: terrific! Mine looked just like this too but were eaten so quickly I didn't get a photo in time.
Breakfast bars- Miss E especially always asks me to buy these but she likes some but not others and I can never remember which is which: so I thought I'll MAKE SOME!
oOPS PHOTOS in the wrong order for a bit, this is one batch cut into bars.
The mixture in the bake trays, after baking.
I used a berry mix packet instead of the dessicated coconut and omitted the peanuts alltogether.
My seeds were 67 g sunflower, 30-40 g pumpkin and the rest as sesame seeds.
The berry mix consisted of cranberries, grape raisins and cherry raisins: ie those large dark raisins and the long thin golden coloured ones.
The bake trays in the oven, the mixture from the recipe made these 3 trays.
Mixing it together was very hard work: it was soooo very STICKY!
delicious bars in our biscuit barrel. They get full marks from JJ and Miss E!!!
I also- whilst cooking the amaaazing red prawn curry - again no photo it was eaten so quickly!- I made the lazy bread as well.
It's very dense but so moist and very delicious, yum yum yummeeee.
I made it with half cream and half skimmed milk ( as I didn;t have any normal milk) and used Waitrose fruit muesli instead of the recipe muesli as Waitrose didn't have it. So there are a few raisins and the odd bit of apricot in this. The mueslis in the shop msotly had nuts: peanut or brazil nuts in them and that won't do with my allergy. I aim to try it with oats and bran, shredded wheat or shreddies and so on next time.
It really IS super easy and yet sooooooo good. Very crunchy crust. I'm buying a few more loaf tins and would like to make 3 at a time. Cut them in thin slices when cooled and freeze 2 out of 3.
The prawn curry by the way included lots of new tastes: sweet potato, wok oil, spring onions, red curry paste, butternut squash, fresh mango , fish oil to name but a few, some we knew but not in this combination!
THANK YOU NIGELLA for such superb recipes: tasty and yet sooo EASY and QUICK too- as long as you have /can find the ingredients.

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