Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tumbling blocks encore

This is a continuing fascination with the tumbling blocks stitch pattern which was mentioned before Christmas in this blog, I took it to Paris as an experiment... This time it's in the slightly thicker SIRDAR ESCAPE DK and worked with a 4mm hook. What I loved about this colourway: 187 - i THINK- is that it NEVER repeated itself in the whole 50g or 82m.
It would take another ball for a snuggly moebius or cowl or 2 balls for a ''proper'' scarf and it's really soft too. JJ did say he wouldn't mind wearing this when it's a full length scarf?

This was a little changing colour- OOOH what WILL be next- crocheting adventure. Enjoy.

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  1. By the way this was suppsed to be a 2nd January post as in the UK it is now: 1:24 hrs on 2.1.2012!!!