Thursday, 1 April 2010

In love with a stitch

Hi : had such a lovely relaxing day albeit with a massive sinusitis headache in it that I thought I'd share it.
Here's it is. The STITCH. In love. that's me. In love with THIS stitch. All day.
It's kind of lacy and yet NOT lacy, it looks sort of solid and yet more interesting than that and then it actually has a raised texture too.
Been playing with striping a few regia sockwool colours, VOILA`.

Oh yes and this is the finished cardigan awaiting a large pink button to fasten it. Wrote up the pattern last night, up till 1 am counting stitches and rows, very tiring.
Will be putting it on word as a ''proper'' pattern tomorrow IF I can drag myself away form the colourplay in this scarf, fascinating. Can you see the texture? It's not flat like lace usually is. And I'm not blocking this, oh no jose, no blocky blocky. I love this bumpiness.
This is the stash I acquired from Kemps, but I'll be using the bottom 4 and the top middle one as I think the other 2 the colour spacings are too wide, too stripey.
I've also spent HOURS on the net searching to find more of REGIA COLOR 4 FADIG 5171 but to no avail. It's the browns/ beige/denim blues one that I have quite fallen for and now fancy a long slimline ''duster'' type cardi- jacket in, no sleeves I think.
It's the really wide stripe above. Yummy combo and so wearable with jeans and no end of navy or pale/sky blue t-shirts. This was earlier today, I have 5 colour stripes now and am about to repeat a sequence, but no photo of that yet.
It's very drapey and I think it may become a scarf but alas it's not really REALLY soft, it's kind-a- OK but not as dreamy sofffffft as my angora and alpaca moebius from Yorkshire....
Love love love the colours though and the stitch- it's almost MISSONI- ish don't you think?

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