Thursday, 29 April 2010

cupcakes and a time without a camera.

These are the cupcakes I made for college and even though I was up all night a few times completing them I gave them in on time!
No feedback yet though which gives me a bit of breathing space as I've just gone back to work and it's really interesting but utterly exhausting.

This was a happy day in the Easter holidays. No recent photos as I haven't had my new camera agreed yet or ordered and have no means of downloading from my cameraphone which is now full. So yes there's fun and good things happening right now but the blogging will be a tad delayed. Am currently working on a variation of the RONA jacket from the Winter 2009 magazine by ROWAN and also the SARDINIA jumper - in DK cotton in a lilac- from the SUMMER CROCHET booklet again by ROWAN.
Miss Y is soooo pleased with her raspberry-chocolate cardigan that she is either sleeping in it or cuddling it every night.....
AND THE WINNER IS: CHA CHA!!! TANN TAN TARAAAA . The draw for the bigger floral brooch was held and the winner this time - out of the 10 listed as members- is Cha Cha.
This will now be posted this weekend.

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