Sunday, 11 April 2010

Beach and bubble fun

This was our Saturday: 10 April 2010. It started slowly for although us adults were up and about early, feeding dogs, making lunches, walking dogs and making preparations as well as sipping tea in the sun, the young ones slept on and on and on.... We kept trying to wake them- well from 9.30 onwards but it took till 12.30 before we could actually leave for our day out.
The beach was lovely, blue skies some sand and lovely view of boating activities. Quiet too.
Much more quiet than I was expecting, but then it was NOT warm. It just looked as if it SHOULD be. After about an hour and a half of walking and sitting about watching the kids and the dogs play I was frozen to my core, chilled to the bone and had to go warm up in the car!

Once there and driving to Portsmouth Miss E fell asleep- again- it's all that growing she's doing don't you know.
We found the Spinnaker Tower which I have been wanting to visit for ages and thus we decided Miss E and I would go up, as Miss Y doesn't like heights and dad stayed with her for a coffee break and sit on a terrace with the dogs.
Up we went : first 100 m and then some more. We only had 20 minutes before closing so we dashed about a bit!
This is me- see stripey sock?- standing on the glass floor.

Me again, plus baby- not mine- looking at a terrace but it's not the one JJ's sitting at.

Pretty small these houses and dinky toy cars it reminded us of Madurodam in the Hague which is a miniature village replicating many famous buildings.

Towards the Isle of Wight we think?

2 ferries crossing, so cute from up here.
Sunny day but not as warm as it has been. The glass in the tower must be coloured because this is not how it looked to the naked eye?

Here come the souvenir shots: we were HERE!


and here....

From the outside.
But I like THIS one, at this angle?
While we were up in the tower I saw this bubble and it looked such fun that I zoomed in to see more. Also to locate the place, that canal?
So when we came out we explored a bit and found it and both girls were game to give it a go!
Here's Miss Y about to be ''inflated''.
Ready , steady, GO!
ooooh OOOOOH They has sooooo much FUN!
THIS is a major achievement. Only lasts less than a second....
BUMP! Back down again.
Such fun I won't bore you with ALL the pictures we took. Suffice to say we'll be back to do it again!

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