Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter 2010

Wow this was some cold EASTER: Brrrrrrr in our house, probably because JJ thinks a thermostat set at or below 15 degrees is fine, not so for poor old cold-blooded me! Cold feet, freezing hands and when he pops out I sneak it back up to 20: Blissful heat for a wee while.
The above is my first 100's and 1000's cupcake for my course- 22 or 12 to be completed now by 20 April. Loved the crochet but hated doing all that hand embroidery- definately NOT ''my thing''.
Oops this is a bit dark, it's the chocolate cupcake rejected by the tutor: not quite good enough alas. Got to add way more pleats and french knots rather than beads.

These were the truly scrumptious cinnamon and raisin whirls the kids made on Good Friday using a waitrose recipe from their launch issue ''KITCHEN'' magazine. YUMMEEEEE!
Whicked and utterly delicious.
To complete out W'rose/Delia Easter we also had the Delia grape stuffed roast chicken on Easter Sunday and that too was delish.
Aaah doesn't it look sweet? Took me all day mind you and that's without crocheting the base AND I have the pleated case yet to sew too! HELP!
This is the poorly assortment of bases and 2 tops- 1 lavender and 1 lemon icing - that I have made thus far but lots of embroidery yet to be done! All to be stuffed with used teabags.
On a much happier note : on Saturday I treated myself to a wee Easter treat: Rowan Summer Crochet booklet- no egg you see- and it was fun stitching the above sample from ''SARDINIA'' on the Saturday evening.
Then Sunday after church and after walking the dogs I had some feet up wih tv and crochet time to myself and taught myself to do the lace panel from ''Corsica'' - AND HERE IT IS!
In Katia brand cotton called BOMBAY. ( very popular on Ravelry there are 190 projects featuring this yarn , yep HONEST 190 projects and I had a peep at all 190 this morning)
YEP, love love, lurvving this too! Have to order some more yarn ( first stop up my ears to stop me hearing the screams from my huge yarn stash)as I can ''see'' ( in my mind) a lovely cap sleeved top worked sideways in this lace with a ribbed panel below the bust. Very similar to Corsica really but worked sideways so the stripes will be vertical.
When you're petite and curvy : you need that kind of help!
Thus when embroidering all afternoon I was dreaming of my crochet to come.... And here's where I left my regia sockwool scarf story so far. Working on the 7th stripe, red melee and to be a wide one I think.
Also did quite a bit of admin, some Ravelry-ing , many cuddles with kids and JJ this and every morning, and logging my enormous textile book library on a database for reference - 35 years of passionate textile/jewellery/home decoration book collecting. Lovely thick ''coffee table books'' with fabulous inspirational photography.....
Best bits? 1.The water sprays in church from Father Mark on Sunday ( gave us the giggles as the cold drops trickled down my cleavage as I was wearing cutwork lace) 2. the giggles as we tried to cuddle 3 persons in each of the kids beds in turn. 3. Chocolate egg making fun and the grins of pride and pleasure as the girls un-moulded their choccie creations.
Sorry no photos of the choccies as my camera battery was down since Saturday morning.
I soooo hope you had a brilliant relaxing happy EASTER weekend too!

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