Wednesday, 29 October 2014

QUICKIE Half Term Update: walks and X-mas pudding time again?

 This was a week ago in some of the most amazing summery weather we have been having this October? 20 degrees C and sunny, most unusual for mid to late October! This is at Aston Rowant, what we call ''the Bluff'' at home.
Just a quick flashback to the week after Delft when we ate a lot of this on our crusty brown bread...
 And back to the woods at Aston Rowant: such loveliness and peace.

 Getting the hang of taking a panorama shot?

 Pippa not that keen to carry on walking....
 Loving this view!
 And yes it IS very windy at this time. Lucy's ears were being blown upright...

 Me too, very windblown but so happy.
 New fence and gate along one field...

That was such a lovely walk and we did the Little Kinble walk yesterday after avoiding it for 6 months since I broke my ankle there but let's see those photos in another post?
Here are the fabulous pumpkins the girls carved today: with the booze destined to soak into our Christmas pudding.

 Wish this had smelly-vision.... The scent of the fruit and rum, spices and orange zest never ceases to put me in that Christmassy mood!
It will be soaking and absorbing all that booze for a few days in the fridge now.
This will be the tenth year that I make our Christmas pudding....!!!

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