Sunday, 19 October 2014

Knotten the Delft yarn shop

 What was in the last post was a discovery of a - to me anyway- ''new'' wool shop in Delft on an evening walk on Friday. This is Saturday morning: it's raining slightly and Delft has been transformed with a street market everywhere: this is the brick-a-brack part of the Saturday market.

 After we have tried out , chosen and purchased Miss Y's new bicycle- in the next post- I am finally allowed to pop into this shop, but not for long mind as we are off to Amsterdam today!
 By the door are some wee colourful yarn parcels: Piccolo, they loked shiny and I thought they were silk but they were an acrylic. Lovely colour selections.
 Gorgeous colourful actual crochet hangs everywhere! The ladies in the shop- all 3!- are all wearing crocheted garments too: one on a trebles and double trebles variegated pullover, one in a shrug over t-shirt and jeans and one in a deep double wind crocheted cowl or kol as the Dutch call it.
 Cute little samples everywhere!
 OOOOOh, I like this...
 This green and blue one? But am already being chased to come out.
 These are ALL cottons in this corner, from various brands, Pingouin and Lana Grossa.

 See? More nice samples, the one at the left on the boodles type cabinet is a stitch sample from a Dutch book written by two ladies who crochet, I forget their names but this will follow...
They have written several now.
 A whole wall of ''OLYMPIA'' yarn....I'm in love with several of these colour combos.
And a tweed stitch lampshade! This is when I get called out and we have to rush off...
 After a day in Amsterdam- see later post- We have breakfast early on the Sunday. We check out today and then catching the ferry at lunchtime.
 It's all so peaceful and pretty? The sun has come back out again.
 Knotten is open from 12 noon so I may be allowed just 20 more minutes to pop back and buy some wool?  We are up at 10 and waiting for things to open up.

 This church view is opposite the shop, when you stand with your back to it.
 And this is the view to your right? The Vermeer museum/ exhibition.
 The girls have found a brilliant coffeeshop  a few doors down and insist we sit there while we wait.
They want to go shopping in the Hema but that too does not open until 12 noon.
I think it's nice as it allows people to sleep in or go to church if they have to work on Sunday.
 This is the coffeeshop. Very ''trendy''.
 I have a pretty looking but disgusting tasting hot chocolate.... It's melted dark chocolate - as a bar- in boiled milk- uuugh!

 JJ is finally looking quite relaxed, after these few days away.
 The shop is on the Voldersgracht as on the sign above.

 I bought some of this soft sock-wool for a mini shawl, in the blue -green.
 These are Natura cottons and Elastico by Lana Grossa, such yummy ice cream colours.

 And some almost fluorescent Bingo wools?!
 OH, look up! There are crocheted shawls suspended from the ceiling! I had not noticed these before.

 And a crocheted paper ball lamp too.
 There's a bag displayed outside, come on mum we will miss the ferry!
 And as it's sunny: more Olympia yarns in a stand on the pavement outside.

 Hurry, hurry, hurry dad's waiting for us in a lay-by with the new bicycle on the roof.
 Bye bye Delft, lovely herringbone alleyways....
 Bye bye Delft, last windmill....
On the ferry home!
And here is what I purchased;
 Two balls MEDIO in blue-greens.
One ball Olympia- how could I resist- in blues to try out.

 TWO balls each in Mc Wool and Bingo in turquoise tones to finish my new waves scarf, was not sure if one ball of each would suffice... ( it did)
So BINGO, yes that was quite a wonderful wool-shop was it not?

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