Monday, 23 April 2012


Well, here we are in a warm soft scarf in April?!! Actually I finished this before Easter but it IS still cold enough here in the mornings to wear it!
Day 12 or more of wet ,grey , cold and rainy. Sooo unlike last year.
Back to the scarf: this is EMMA lace scarf from Robyn Chachula's latest crochet book, the exact name of which escapes me for a moment: something to with Simple Crochet or it may be Simply or some such. It's a lovely book by the way although it doesn't quite live up to it's promise of projects out of one ball of yarn in Europe because a lot of our yarn balls don't have thr huge meterage that USA yarns sometimes have. I am briefly only modelling it here because I gave it to my sister in Delft. These are ''her'' colours.

Details for UK residents: Use EMMA pattern as is, with a 3.5mm hook and REGIA hand-dye effect sockyarn from e.g. Hobbycraft. You'll need just over 2 balls, but only a tiny bit from the 2nd ball so you could probably make 3 scarves out of 4 balls....?!!
The stitch pattern is fun and the constantly subtly changing colours keep it interesting.

I made it 36 ''hoop'' repeats long or 288 sts per row.

The yarn is 420m in a ball, 70%wool and 25% polyamid, 5% polyacryl, machine washable and soft enough to wear around the neck. I used colour 6552. There are about 5-7 more colourways to choose from according to the label.

My scarf finished dimensions were: 22 cm wide and 204 cm long.
It took quite a while to do and 3.5mm is not my favourite hook size but I think it's turned out really well? Can be worn in many different ways due to the length.


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