Friday, 6 April 2012

Birthdays to catch up on part 3

This will be a backwards retrospective.... Staring with Birthday number 3 in the human family...
Here we are about to have a delicious lunch in ''Electric'' on the Portobello Road London. About 3 pm, yes a late lunch as JJ worked on the morning of his B'day!!!
Miss E finding it hard to decide but I chose the duck cassoulet and it was scrumdiddlyumptious!!!
The lure of fridge magnets: especially the STAY CALM and ......... ones....
Lots of market stalls and brick a brac as well as shops such as Jack Wills as JJ did a Santa Claus impression and bought us all pressies.Miss Y an owl clock necklace, Miss E a lacy JW top and for me some mother of pearl earrings...and ones made from cut up Chinese porcelein?
It was decidedly chilly reminiscent of last year when JJ and I headed to the sea and it was verrry cold then too...And that after a week of sunny 23 degrees plus only a week ago?

Fun dog cushions but no dachshunds...

Time to catch a taxi back to Westfield? Here's All Saints with their lovely old Singer machines display.
In Westfield JJ went shopping for himself and the girls were entranced by this ''new'' make up shop. The colours were sublime and beautifully displayed.
And a strange veg bought at market: a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli? Very sculpturally artistic I thought so NO it's not yet been eaten, too photogenic!
Then after a sleep JJ felt pleased with his b'day and the next day we went for a stroll:

And I made Weight Watcher recipe truffles!!! At 5 points for 2. Miss Y is doing OK on it and I've lost 13 lbs already!!!! In 8 weeks. I also had made - on the Friday- a heart shaped marble cake for his Lordship's birthday but can't find the photo of it now. to follow for sure?

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