Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snowy Sunday : brrrrrrrr ccccold!

Cuttlebrook today at 10:30 am.
This was last week's macaroni cheese a la Nigella Express made with red leicester and I added a layer of cooked ham from the COOP. MMMMM sooooo delicious!!! Really terrific and just like my mama used to make many many years ago.
It completely ruined my diet of course, gained a lb in 3 days instead of losing a few lbs.
Today was a bloggy snowy cold kind of a day. Still feeling a bit poorly due to the WW diet which leaves me dizzy, light headed and whoozy. Also something awry with my tongue, could have been last weeks antibiotics. It was nice blogging Paris though, re-living it so to speak.
As I walked into town yesterday it began to snow, lightly but coldly. This was about 3.30 pm.
Then it got heavier and it snowed in the evening and the night, minus 10 degrees C as well, the dogs slept in the hallway and living room, the kitchen being too cold overnight.
It was only a bit, less than 4 inches but Miss Y 's cello day of musical activity got cancelled and we didn't go to J Lewis to choose new curtains today. A staying in day except for a dogwalk this morning. T'was a long day as Lucy got us up at 6 am ( on a Sunday!) , she'd slept on Miss Y's bed and thought it was Monday when she DOES come visit me in bed at 6 or 6:30 am.

I have spent the day discussing a re-vamp of our living room, the purchase of new sofas and an arm chair and so on, also a LOT of crocheting: an entire 100g ball of KATIA AZTECA as below.
I wanted to see how the colours changed as I want to design and make a top down cardigan with raglan sleeves in it, I have only 5 balls of it in the attic. There's be ribbing in the yoke and then a flatter but dense fabric below, I may even be tempted to work it sideways for vertical stripes??
With respect to the diet, we joined on a Tuesday evening and next Tuesday will be week1, up to Friday evening I had already lost over 4 lbs but the weekend has been a disaster.
Little excercise and a lot of munching. Nibbling. Treats...
And I'm getting sick of bananas which you can eat for ''free''...!!!lol. I don;t like them. But now I suddenly eat 2 or 3 a day? Plan is Miss Y ( categorised as obese by NCMP) and myself will adjust our shape- must'n say ''lose'' as the body will always fight a loss- by 1 and a half stone at least!
21 lbs to be exact or in the region thereof.

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