Saturday, 4 February 2012

PARIS in December 2011 day one

Paris in the week before Christmas 2011, we left by Eurostar from St Pancras in the afternoon of the 18th. A peaceful journey, we slept soundly on the train and woke up in gay Paris!
The view from the balcony of our room in the Hotel Belfast, Avenue Carnot.
Another view.
Blissful luxury of our room.

The girls had an adjoining suite, right next door with direct access and their own bathroom.
Walking along from the hotel on that first evening seeking a restaurant...along Avenue de President Wilson.
We found a brasserie on a corner and Miss E had her first taste of escargot!
All of us are very happy to be here, lovely drinks, lovely food.
Miss Y mastering the tongs technique and really loving her garlicky Brussels snails.

Walking home along the Champs -Elysees: these circles of light were in all the trees and changed colour from yellow to orange to red to blue...

Nest morning after a delicious breakfast we walked to Gallerie Lafayette as this was a place we had to revisit after a curtailed visit one summer...The views from the roof terrace:we left JJ in the cafe with a paper and French pastries.

The amazing cuppola!
And yes it WAS Christmas, but the 'rock 'n'' decorations were less than impressive...
Louis Vuitton had this series going on large striped animals everywhere: monkeys, giraffes, elephants etc....
Then onto the Eiffel Tower where JJ had booked us tickets to the top at 15:00 hrs or so.
Miss Y was already too tired to walk so we mastered the METRO and sped along to le Tour Eiffel. It's now very very cold and grey...

We still had to wait over 40 minutes in the cold but luckily some street vendor crepes soothed the way a little. YUMMY.
Miss Y and I stayed at the first stop off level ( level 2?) as she was having a fit in the lift about heights etc, these were the views:

Miss E and JJ queued in the bitter cold on a windy corner for another hour and a half to gain access to the very top by which time clouds had descended and there was no view. Miss Y and I stood inside waiting while sipping hot chocolate and eating pizza in the company of many tourists and pigeons but there was no seating and no warmth.

When we finally met each other again and left it was getting dark.
We ate a divine meal out and all slept soundly. AAAAAAAH, bliss.

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